SNL Digital Short inspired by the O.C.

Some people were a little confused by last night's SNL digital short, so let me attempt to put it into perspective, so you all can get your laugh-on, because it really was funny. It's a spoof of a scene from The O.C. when Marissa shoots Ryan's brother, Trey. The song is: "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap, btw. Alright, so now that you've been schooled you can go ahead and watch...

The O.C. clip:

The Digital Short clip (VIEW NOW BEFORE NBC TAKES IT OFF YOUTUBE, CAUSE YOU KNOW HOW THEY DO!!! and lol @ shia's various shooting positions):

P.S. - SINCE SHIA IS A LITTLE HOTTIE IN THE MAKING (HE NEEDS TO COMPLETE PUBERTY STILL, KTHX.. oh who am I kidding? I hit my Shia obsession peak when he was still 16 yrs old lolol) HERE'S A BACKSTAGE INTERVIEW W/HIM FROM SNL (he's hilarious, and has great comedic timing; he needs to do some more comedy - EVENS STEVENS REUNION PLEASE?!):