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Bon Appetit videos will return in September

Condé Nast Entertainment has announced that videos will resume production in September, and the upcoming videos will feature "some familiar faces and new, more diverse ones."

“We are planning for BA video production to begin in September with some returning talent, in addition to new contributors which we’ll be announcing in the coming weeks,” the company spokesperson said. “We will be using this time to reset and work with the teams and ensure diversity in front of and behind the camera for BA video.”

Earlier in August, Sohla El-Waylly, Priya Krishna, and Rick Martinez announced they were stepping away from video, after CNE was apparently unwilling to scrounge up enough pennies to give them respectable, fair contracts. Molly Baz, Gaby Melian, and Carla Lalli Music have since announced they will also no longer be appearing in BA videos. As of right now, that seems to leave Brad Leone, Andy Baraghani, and Chris Morocco as potentials to return. Last we heard, Claire Saffitz was no longer under contract with CNE as of the start of June. Christina Chaey's future with CNE is also uncertain, but OP hopes that if she does return, she's paid a lot more than she was before and that she gets better opportunities than playing support in another of Chris Morocco's "white man makes Korean food" videos.

No word yet on whether these new, more diverse hires for video will be paid equitably or if they'll continue to be treated like tokens by CNE.

Tags: food / food industry, food network / cooking show stars, internet celebrities, race / racism, web series / youtube
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