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ONTD Original: 5 Reality Shows You Probably Don't Remember

Not every reality show can become as legendary as Flavor of Love or Rock of Love. Some reality shows disappear under the radar until a scholar like me unearths them. Here, for your edification, are some underrated reality shows from the 2000s that you may (or may not) remember.

Showbiz Moms and Dads (2004) and Showdog Moms and Dads (2005)

Screen Shot 2020-08-12 at 9.01.03 PM.png

The first, Showbiz Moms and Dads, followed children and their crazy, overbearing stage parents as they struggled with their flop careers. It was so successful that a spinoff, Showdog Moms and Dads, was created. It followed the owners of dogs as they tried to win various show competitions.

Oh my god, these are easily two of my FAVORITE reality shows ever. They are so fucking crazy, so cringey, and so over-the-top. These reality shows were pretty solid hits for a fledgling reality network called Bravo back in the 2000s.

Alas, there are few clips available online. I would sell my soul to watch these shows again.

The legendary (gay?) stage dad

the legendary stage karen

Love Is In The Heir (2004)


Airing on the E! network, "Love is in the Heir" follows Princess Anne Claire, a minor princess from Iran, as she tries to start a country music career. Yes, you read that right.

She insisted that she never wanted to be known as a princess, even though she would introduce herself as "Princess Ann Claire" to everyone she met and even had a song called "Honky Tonk Princess."

Alas, I can't find many songs of hers online.

Miss Seventeen (2005)


Remember reading Seventeen magazine? Well, there was once a reality show about it. The editor, Atoosa Rubenstein, selected a group of young women who competed to become Miss Seventeen, meaning she would win a scholarship, and become an intern for the magazine, and get her picture on the cover. Conveniently, the young women happened to be photogenic and primarily white.

One former contestant is now a journalist and she wrote about her experience on the show. Shockingly, it was fake and weird!

Kept (2005)


Legendary supermodel Jerry Hall wanted a hot man to have as a sugar baby, and Kept is the reality show that tries to find one for her. The men had to do various fancy-pants lessons to make them classy enough for Jerry Hall.

Her final three men included a fine-as-hell guy named Anwar, a blonde hunky guy named Austin, and an annoying short Masshole from Boston named Seth.

She chose Seth.

here is a video where the men had to pose nude.

Strip Search (2005)


Now THIS is a reality show we need more of. It was a search for a male stripper to join a team of professional male strippers called "American Storm." That was the whole show. They just drove around in a bus looking for hot dudes to shake their bussies on a pole.

Here is a video of them dancing in thongs

What's ur fav forgotten reality show?

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