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ontd original: I Watch It and You Should Too: "The Owl House"

"The Owl House" released this year and, as of this posting, has 16 episodes out. It's on Disney Channel and other places. It stars a human who learns magic in a startlingly fucked up world for a Disney show. Included in a list of The 5 TV Shows You Should be Watching This Week article @ the LA Times.

The Lead is A Young, Not-Ambiguous-But-Actually-Brown, Girl

When was the last time you saw a show star a young Latina girl who loves magic and being weird and doesn't hide it?

If you have, please tell me because I would like to see it. "The Owl House" stars Luz Noceda, a young teen who finds herself in The Demon Realm instead of Basic Bitch Summer Camp her mother sends her to to stomp out her strangeness.

It also stars Wendie Malick as Eda - You may know her as Principal goddamn Folsom from "Fillmore!". And Alex Hirsch (creator of "Gravity Falls") as King.

A redemption arc to (almost) rival Zuko's.

Outside of trope-twisting and Luz's expectations being shattered, the only real 'antagonist' is probably The Emperor's Coven, who are constantly trying to recruit Eda to their ranks by using her sister Lillith and her general disdain for the law to arrest her whenever they can.

But for Luz, it's Amity Blight, the best witchling in school, and a very type-A, "I must be successful to succeed."

I took the screenshot.

She was even friends, best friends, with one of Luz's newfound friends as a child before .... reasons, and now is the alpha mean girl.

Well, based on that header there, you can tell there's aleady a twist. I just won't tell you how and why, but I will tell you it surprised me to happen so early in this series' run.

Tiny lil IRL asides like this:


I didn't find a gif of one where King (The little dog demon) goes "Did you know the earth is flat?" and Luz goes "Yeah, that's NOT right." There's also a riff on Harry Potter.

There's more??? Than one brown character???

And they have NAMES???

It's more likely than you think.

OK well the girl in blue doesn't have a name but the girl in red is Skara. I love her hair.

I took thse screenshots too wow.

That's Gus, he's one of the main characters! Yes! TWO non-white characters in the power trio lead! WHAT SORCERERY IS THIS?

There's actual LGBTQ rep.

It's hinted at various times that Luz is bi, and the latest episode ("Enchanted Grom Fright") has...well, I don't want to spoil it, but I'll share this tweet that doesn't spoil too much. It's also behind a cut if you truly want to watch this and be surprised.

[Spoiler (click to open)]'But wait isn't that -' Yeah. YEAH.

And THAT isn't even the BEST PART about the representation! But again, no spoilers.

"The Owl House" airs on Disney Channel on Saturday evenings!

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