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Halloween Candy Is Hitting Shelves Early This Year Due to the Pandemic

Halloween candy is already hitting some store shelves despite the scorching temperatures.

Hershey announced that it has partnered with retailers to stock up on Halloween merchandise and candy earlier in the summer, this according to Phil Stanley, Hershey's global chief sales officer.

“More stores have started Halloween displays earlier — most have moved up their displays two to four weeks earlier” than the typical mid-August and early September arrival, Stanley said, adding that setting up Halloween displays and aisles earlier can lead to increased sales.

Not all retailers however are doing this. Target, Walmart and Walgreens told CNN Business that they would stick with the late-summer and early-fall Halloween candy stocking.

In addition to extending the season, Hershey is trying to shore up sales by limiting the “seasonally dressed” offerings and manufacturing more candy in everyday packaging, Stanley said.

ONTD, will you be celebrating and eating Halloween candy this year? 🎃

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Tags: covid-19, food / food industry, holiday
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