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Jodie Turner-Smith Tells Vogue About Her Journey To Motherhood

Actress Jodie Turner-Smith wrote an essay for the latest issue of Vogue detailing her pregnancy and daughter's birth during the Coronavirus pandemic. She admitted to being clueless of how pregnancy would impact her body, thinking it would be feasible to move house, have a child and go back to work a month later. She was eventually plagued by constant nausea and subchorionic bleeds all while filming the Michael B Jordan action film Without Remorse and constantly traveling around for Queen and Slim promotion.

Jodie and husband Joshua Jackson, both children of struggling single mothers, were determined to create something different for their daughter and themselves. Joshua kept telling Jodie, ‘There’s no part of this that I’m going to miss,’ and he kept his word, being a constant presence throughout the pregnancy.

The couple "decided on a home birth, because of concerns about negative birth outcomes for black women in America." After being in labor for four days, she gave birth to their daughter and Joshua caught the child, but not before capturing the photo of Jodie talking to their child in the tub. She called the experience and photo a "honest moment of family and togetherness – a husband supporting a wife, our baby still inside me, the sacred process of creating a family.”

She closed by stating “Sometimes I wonder how I will explain to my daughter what it meant to be born in the year 2020. The historic events, the social unrest, and me – a new mother just trying to do her best. I think I will tell her that it was as if the world had paused for her to be born. And that, hopefully, it never quite returned to the way it was before.”

You can read an excerpt at the source and the whole essay is in the September issue of Vogue.

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