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Cardi B Covers Elle Magazine (US)

-Cardi B covers Elle US for the first time to promote her new song/video WAP and tease her upcoming second album

-Talks politics and on wanting to encourage her fanbase to vote more: “You can vote for DAs. You can vote for mayors. You can vote for your district. Not everything is the president. You know what I’m saying?”

-Promises her second album will have Lemonade-esque moments in which she discusses her relationship, including a track with husband Offset

-Speaks about Breonna Taylor and how she wishes more male rappers would talk about her, recounts the experience of speaking to Breonna Taylor's mother: “Imagine how frustrated her mom was, crying, probably hysterical. The cops call her saying her daughter is in the hospital, and her daughter is not even there. Then the person who’s supposed to protect her is asking her mom, ‘Do you know anybody who [would] want to hurt Breonna Taylor?’ when you guys know who killed her!”

-Emphasizes that she doesn't compare herself to other artists: “I know when I get on the stage, I don’t give a fuck if the next bitch, or the bitch before me, was better than me. I know I’m going to get my coins. I know I’m bad because I’m different. I do different moves. I got a different bod. So, when these women are teasing everything, it’s expected. Don’t think that you’re going to have all the money in the strip club. Don’t think that every man is going to only give you the money. So don’t expect you to be the only one who’s going to hold number one on the Billboard [charts]. You’ve got to be confident in your own craft.”

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