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Below Deck Med Drama: Malia “reports” Hannah’s Valium prescription to Captain Sandy

Bravo’s underrated gem Below Deck Mediterranean is trending due to the “drug bombshell” tonight. A little background: Kiko, the former Chef, was unfairly fired last week. Malia’s boyfriend (Tom) so happened to conveniently be visiting her on his way to the UK to visit a sick uncle. Captain Sandy wants to meet him and offers him the Chef position because she’s desperate after firing Kiko, and is impressed by Tom’s resume. He accepts (hey, I guess “fuck you” to the “sick uncle” huh). Malia throws a tantrum because she wants to room with her boyfriend, according to her “those are the rules” when you hire a couple. Hannah won’t back down and switch rooms so she can bunk with her boyfriend. Malia runs to Captain Sandy and she then enforces that everyone switch rooms to accommodate the insufferable couple. While they switch rooms, Malia so happens to “find” Hannah’s Valium and takes a photo to text and report to Captain Sandy for having “drugs on board.” The episode ends with Sandy having a meeting with Hannah. Will she be fired? Tune in next week for the bs.

Hannah Ferrier took to Twitter tonight to clarify that it was prescribed and called out Malia for setting her up and her photo “arranging skills.”

Mfte Colin:

Twitter is rightfully calling out Malia:

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