needy little pity girl (stevie_moore) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
needy little pity girl

Mary Magdalan launches new website

Alt-rock singer/songwriter Mary Magdalan launched her revamped website, which details her hiatus and reasons for returning to music.

Mary started out in a 3-piece band on Myspace back in 2006 (14 years ago!!) and went on to release 3 full-length records, a mixtape, and a behind-the-scenes DVD within a 7-year span.

From Mary's website: It has been real a musical journey for me. When I started I was filled with so much rage. The only release I found was this music. Pity Girl was extremely healing for me. It felt so good to share my experiences with people who felt the same way. As I kept making music I began to feel as tho weights were being lifted from my shoulders and I realized the pain and rage were gone. So I stepped away.

Tags: music / musician (alternative and indie)
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