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ONTD Original - SOME Reasons Why Jurassic Park Is The Most Iconic Movie Ever. Fact.

Ah, Jurassic Park (1993). The movie that really put dinos on the map. Maybe. When it first hit theaters in the 90s, it was #1 in the box office for three weeks straight. Inspired by last night's Netflix party, I wanted to state a few reasons why I thought it deserved all the accolades, praise and its place in history.

Keep in mind, this is purely based on the Spielberg movie, NOT the original Chrichton book, which I have not yet read.

1. Ellie Sattler

Ellie Sattler. A science queen. A feminist queen. A nerdy girl for all nerdy girls and non-nerdy girls to look up to. A woman who held her own by not only fighting dinosaurs, but also doing something much scarier- being surrounded by men. And not being sexualized for it. Or having to run in heels.

2. Rexy

Look at her, knowing she owns shit. Clocking in her run at 32 mph in the film, according to Hammond; she was allegedly faster than her real life extinct counterparts. She eats the greedy lawyer right off a toilet. A true queen. Most importantly, not only does she save everyone's lives at the end of the film, but she does it again in "Jurassic World." Icon.

3. The Score

We all know we hum along to it. John Williams is a god, responsible for many iconic movie scores. From the swell that plays when Alan sees that they DO move in herds, to the notes of impending doom, the music really sets the tone and is instantly recognizable.

4. The rich, old white man's plan failing spectacularly

Because you love to see it. Especially these days.

5. This video


6. This shot

That's it.

6. The clothes

So much flannel, denim, polo, leather, khaki and open collar. being trapped on a dino island fashion >>>>> all other

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Favorite JP scene ONTD? Fave character/dinosaur? Fave movie in the series?
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