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I live, I die, I live again

Commedian Bernie Mac died 12 years Ago Today

Bernie Mac was known for his standup and shows like "The Bernie Mac Show" and "Moesha", and movies like "Mr. 3000" and the, frankly Iconic, "Guess Who" remake. His last movie was "Soul Men", which had Isaac Hayes in a role (Who would die the day after Mac).

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NegrONTD, does anyone else just forget he's gone and then get sad when you remember.

I remember waking up at like 2 AM to see Larry King on CNN talking about his friend Bernie Mac being sick and hoping he got well soon. I went to bed again and woke up to find he had died.

I used to live out in the desert as a kid on a military base, and occasionally they'd have celebrities come out and play games for us. I saw Mr. Mac at a distance, and my father (who volunteered at the events) says he was a nice guy.

Terry Crews was also there.
Tags: black celebrities, death, nostalgia
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