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ONTD Original: Underrated Broadway Bops

1. Easy To Be Hard - Hair

This is the Cheryl Barnes version and the Cheryl Barnes version ONLY. This woman is the most underrated performer in the Musical genre. She owned this song. None of the white girls who sing this song in the stage production can even come close to what Cheryl did! She did this entire scene in one take and that's the take we see in the movie.

Cheryl was working as a maid in a motel when she went to audition for this part with no agent. After she was done filming Hair, she went to Barstow to become a piano teacher. She maintained a friendship with Hair director Milos Forman and accompanied him to Prague when he filmed Amadeus.

2. Michael In The Bathroom - Be More Chill

I don't care about Be More Chill. I really don't. But! Michael In The Bathroom is a great song about a teenager having a panic attack in the bathroom of a party. As someone who was a socially awkward teenager who was forced to go to parties by my parents, I can relate. Also, George Salazar is insanely talented and deserves the best of all careers.

3. What I Know Now - Beetlejuice

Beetlejuice is one of those shows where I have to listen to the songs a few times to truly start appreciating them. Most people think about The Whole Being Dead Thing or Dead Mom or Say My Name when they think about the musical, but this one has been in my head for a while now.

What I Know Now is an upbeat song with some pretty sad lyrics: Miss Argentina (who killed herself) makes a passionate plea to the living Lydia to go back to her life, because "life is short but death is super long."

4. One Day - Groundhog Day

This song is just full of relatable lyrics as Rita sings about her disappointing love life. "One day, some day, he'll come sweeping in and sweep me off my feet, and spend the next four decades wanting to cheat on me" Oof.

And even as the realist and feminist Rita sings about her low expectations on men, she still fantasizes about the perfect handsome gentleman who would treat her right. "And his body would be toned with those pecs like you get at the gym, but he won't spend all his days at the gym." I think a lot of women can relate to what Rita is singing.

5. Somewhere That's Green - Little Shop of Horrors

Oh Audrey. :( She deserved so much better than what she got. It's hard to say anything about Little Shop of Horrors is underrated when it's one of the most well known musicals out there, but Somewhere That's Green tends to get overlooked in favor of Suddenly Seymour (which, to be fair, is an amazing song) and Feed Me.

Every time I listen to this song I just want to take Audrey away from the awful men in her life. I think what gets me the most is that she doesn't even have big dreams. She just wants a modest little home with a kind husband.

6. Being Alive - Company

Is this song underrated? Yes because Raúl should have one the goddamn Tony for it!!! This song got a bit more popular after Adam Driver butchered it in Marriage Story, and I am so sorry if that was your first time listening to this iconic song. Raúl Esparza sweetie I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry that an ugly ass bitch would even attempt to get on your level.

And this is the Raúl Esparza version and his version ONLY. Oh, your favorite Broadway hunk Aaron Tveit sung it too? I don't care. Bye Aaron.

7. If Only You Would Listen (Reprise) - School of Rock

Is School of Rock a perfect adaptation of the movie? No, but I still like it. There's some things the movie did better, but there's also things that the musical did better. And one of those things was focusing more on the children's miserable home lives. While the movie is mostly about Jack Black's Dewey, the musical gives the children a bigger spotlight. Feeling overworked and ignored by the adults in their lives, it's easy to see why these kids grew so attached to Mr Schneebly.

This is the point in the story where Dewey gets outed as a fraud and the kids go to his apartment to convince him to go with them to the Battle of the Bands. It's a touching scene where the kids sing about how Dewey was the first person to make them feel seen.

8. Dead Girl Walking - Heathers

... Riverdale did a Heathers episode and it was AWFUL. So much autotune. It's even worse than if Glee had done it, because at least Glee had actual singers in the cast. Anyways, we don't talk about Riverdale. Dead Girl Walking is about Veronica deciding to get dicked down because she knows her social life is about to end, so why not?

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