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Love After Lockup 3.4 "Sheeeeeeeeeeee's Yo Kwane to Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" Recap

- We open up on The Lost Migo’s release to be greated by Momma Migo and Shavel. Understandably when they reunite, Momma Migo gives him the biggest hug.
- Kristianna is nervous about the wedding ceremony as she’s only been dating John for THREE MONTHS! Was it just OP shooked by this fact. She probably doesn’t want to get married and we desperately need to talk about how manipulative John and his purple titty streamers shirt is. But she says she cares about him, so she’ll goes on to marry him. Run, Krisitanna, Run! And they are running late to the halfway house
- Penitentiary Splenda Daddy is at the airport waiting for his Cubic Zirconia Baby, Lindsay. He sees a trail of people descnd the plane steps but not a one was his boo. She was not on the plane so he’s about to ask for a manager. Of course who didn’t get a little heartbroken when Lindsay’s daughter asked if her mom wasn’t coming home? Brokenhearted Splenda Daddy is getting hangry so he breaks out the steaks and cake intended for Lindsay and shares them with the limo driver as they have a little tête à tête ya know with a whole production crew.
- Trifling Tyrice and his progeny are have a littlee gtting together with family and friends so he can talk about his new love, Beckeisha. Triflin Tyrice’s son thought his new girlfriemd was black, his best friend knew but he didn’t tell his kids. (Andrea you’v got competition, honey). Later we see him go to the physical store of LOVER’S LANE which still exists in the year of our lords, Chloe x Halle to get some lacy panties for his boo thang.
- Stringalong Shawn and Destinie are going to meet her mother and sister for lunch so she can cleanse her palette of cold, soggy, MAGA tacos. The entire lunch is ghetto. But when Stringalong and his future mother in law are alone, she starts interrogating him. Come to find out, Soggy MAGA Tacos told Destinie he only had two kids. He actually has six. And momma drops a statement that can be applied to millions of situations litcherally anywhere: WHAT KIND OF MAN GOES AFTER A 20-SOMETHING YEAR OLD GIRL? WHAT’S WRONG WITH HIM? OP relly wants hr to cuss out Leonardo DiCaprio. Another one: This asswipe said he was only 36 and he’s trying to say in front of her own family that she’s lying and made the assumption she was younger.
- Babyface and Suburbanite are trying to get his parole switched from California to Nevada since that’s where Suburbanite lives. Things do not go as planned and he cannot get his parole switched and has to been time in California which he is not happy about considering he’s scared that he will get in trouble in Los Angeles. They kinda boring.

Source: 36 Annum Assumptions, oil on canvas, c. 2020

ONTD, are you watching this piece de resistance of trash TV? What other trash reality are you watching or looking forward to?
Tags: arrest / arrest warrant, men are weak, reality show
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