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“Creatures” currently filming with Native American cast during the pandemic

- “ Creatures” is a film about the 1700’s North American Smallpox Outbreak.
- It is being filmed in Montana on the Blackfeet Reservation.
- Shooting is to wrap during the 2nd week of August.
- They’re aiming for a Winter 2020 international release - both in theaters & through streaming.
- The story is told through “several youths from warring tribes who wrestle with the spread of the disease and the introduction of the horse, called "Creatures," that hold the promise of power.”

"Our film follows the story of one Blackfeet man and his response to the same kind of issues that we, as a unified American people, are addressing today: how do you collectively manage a mysterious and deadly pathogen that rapidly spreads from person to person? The Blackfeet Nation has kept these stories alive for generations and now we are sharing them with the rest of the world. If there is one lesson that our past holds for this future generation, it's that fear is the deadliest weapon of all. "Conquer that, and logic will save you," says Pat "Judge" Hall, Producer and Locations and Wrangler for Creatures.”
Tags: film - historical, indigenous celebrities

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