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ABC 'accidentally' leaks images for the 'Agents of SHIELD' series finale + final scene spoilers.

(More pictures within the tweet's thread)

- ABC 'accidentally' posted images for the 'Agents of SHIELD' series finale (and then deleted them), but people were quicker.
- The images show [Spoiler (click to open)]Daisy going to save Deke and Jemma, Fitz finally coming back from what i assume was space since he's using Deke's space shield, a pregnant Simmons, a tons of agents in a bar, and some cute Sousa/Daisy moment.

[Final scene teaser from TVLine]TVLine posted a teaser for the final scene:

Any spoilers on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s Jemma? — Claire Any and all remaining questions you have about Jemma, Fitz, “Diana,” etcetera will be answered — in tremendous (if sometimes brain-twisting) detail — in the second half of Wednesday’s two-hour series finale. Also, when you get to the Marvel drama’s very final scene, you’ll be kicking yourself for not seeing it coming.

(People are guessing that the final scene is them going through a portal to the Endgame battle.)

[Chloe Bennet teases the snap on the finale?]Also, people are guessing that they get snapped on hour 1:

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