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ONTD Original: Songs I Masturbate To

The title is quite self-explanatory. Since Covid-19 swept the world by storm in February, we have all been spending a lot more time at home. I don't know about you guys, but spending more time alone, combined with not being able to touch people has resulted in an... increased sex drive. When you can't have something, you want it even more.

During these times I have also become more and more disgusted by porn, mainly because the gay porn industry is extremely abusive, racist, and exploitative. Over the last months I started watching less and less porn, until I finally stopped all together. But sometimes the imagination is simply insufficient to get me going, and lately I have turned to music. So get your headphones out, your hands under the cover, and join me under the cut to get your freak on!

Disclaimer: There really isn't a specific criteria for songs to end up on this list, it just has to do it for me. It can be because the voice, the beat, the lyrics or just the ~feel. idk. Don't judge me too hard pls.

A perfect song to get you started. The first line says it all: "The mood is set". The bass that comes in on the second verse, Rihanna's vocals, the harmonies, the lyrics. This song is made to be as sexy as possible, and delivers in every sense of the word.

Another song that just SCREAMS sex. Kid Cudi's long vocals and deep voice seals the deal for me. Idk who Raphael Saad is, but he could like... get it.

The wolf at the beginning makes me feel like I'm in the woods or something. The voice makes me feel like I'm being abducted by aliens. But hey I don't judge, I can be an extraterrestiphile for a night!

This song just ~flows. As Robyn sings "I'm a human being, move your body closer to mine" I feel less guilty of the sinful act I'm doing. God can't judge me, TGOTG(The Goddess Of The Gays) relieves me from my sins.

Just listen to the song and play the music video in your head, I know you have it memorized.

Another entry by Mr Kid Cudi! It does help that most of his songs are 53% moaning/humming.

Ngl, just hearing the first note to this gets me in the mood. It has come to the point of me not being able to listen to this song in other settings.

I don't know what it is about this song, something about the simplicity and the beat just does it for me.

Literally go fuck yourself listening to this song. The beat drop at 00:50 really hits when you're hitting it.

Another entry for Ms. Fenty as well! Rihanna just radiates sex when she wants to.

Proof a song doesn't need sexy lyrics to be sexy. Great build up.

A little more upbeat, so save this for when you have gotten warmed up. Ari PenSmith's voice hits all the right spots.

After you've warmed up a bit from the last song, let's kick it up a notch. The bassline combined with Jessie's whispery vocals and the lyrics makes this the perfect song to find out what your pleasures are. Protip: picture the guy from the video while you're going.

The bpm is perfect as you're getting closer. Robyn sings "This will be my monument", and she's damn right.

The last song on this list. Challenge: Synch your orgasm to the beat drop at 00:37. It takes some training, but you'll get there! I believe in you.

ONTD, what songs get you going?
Also, apologies if I ruined some songs for you!

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