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Claire's Announces Collab with Sky Brown, Britain's Youngest Olympian

Claire’s announced their collaboration with 12-year-old Sky Brown, Olympic skateboarder and surfer. The collection is inspired by Venice Beach with skate elements and surfer girl style.

The collection includes:
"- colorful braided bracelets
- cute shell chokers
- fun faux hair
- a wide variety of earrings and necklaces
- emoji decorated cosmetics
- pastel tie-dye accessories”

Sky Brown: "I'm super excited for my product launch with Claire’s… I’m a girly girl, I love dresses, heels, and glitter. I want to show other girls that you can play sports and get dirty, but still be a girly girl. I love the bracelets, necklaces and colored hair and all the accessories from my collection. I can wear all of these things and still skate and surf. So can any girl."

The exclusive collection will be available on August 13th both online and in Claire's stores in US, UK, and Canada.


ETA: She qualified for the Summer Olympics representing Great Britain in Skateboarding - their age requirement is 13+. Likely gave her an exception to compete - which has been delayed due to COVID-19.

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