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New Celebrity Business Partnerships: Serena Williams; Miguel; Michael & Nicole Phelps

A screenshot from the video feat. Serena Williams; can't embed the video.

In an annoucement made today, Serena Williams is officially a spokesperson for a migraine treatment, UBRELVY.

Serena Williams: “Migraine attacks are debilitating – and no one should have to endure them in their day-to-day life… I am excited to partner with UBRELVY because it relieves my migraine attacks quickly and effectively. I hope sharing my story will provide relief to others who suffer from migraine attacks too."

Miguel was announced to be the new Corporate Ambassador and Advisor by Tea of a Kind, a brand of ready-to-drink tea.

Miguel: "I'm honored and excited to join a company creating both innovative and practical solutions that will transform industry, drastically minimize waste, and benefit the planet."

Michael Phelps & Nicole Phelps has joined the MOLECULE (mattress brand) team; and to kick off the partnership, Molecule is having a giveaway.

Michael” Phelps: “We are excited to join the MOLECULE team to promote the benefits of quality sleep, as it is such an important part of overall well-being… With an active household like ours, a good night's rest is always a priority."

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ONTD, I've got three questions for ya.
1. Do you get migraines? If so, how do you treat the pain & sensitivity?
2. Would you try a ready-to-drink tea featured on (Miguel's new endeavor)?
3. How often do you flip your mattress?
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