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Laura Prepon helped silence a Danny Masterson victim for Scientology

Leah Remini and Tony Ortega predicted Scientology strategy to ask members close to Danny Masterson to publicly say they're not 'active members' (note that Scientology asked them to use these terms and not 'ex members') to protect them. I'm not suprised that Laura played an active role, there was talk of her involvement as a witness at one of the Danny's parties.

Tony Ortega said : "Victim B told her friend that the encounter with Laura Prepon in the parking lot at the Hollywood Celebrity Centre was one of the most  difficult things she had to go through during the entire ordeal, and there was no doubt in her mind that Prepon had been sent there to trip her up on Masterson’s behalf.
We’d actually like to see Prepon asked about this encounter in the civil and criminal trials, as it illustrates Scientology’s use of celebrities to silence dissent within the church.
And maybe that prospect, of being asked to testify, is why Laura  Prepon’s Hollywood reps are hoping people will believe that she has  distanced herself from it"

Danny Masterson has been charged with 3 counts of rape going back to 2001. The Church of Scientology attempted to help  this pig cover up his crimes by harassing the victims, even going as  far as to allegedly kill one of their dogs in an attempt to silence her.
He faces up to 45 years in prison if convicted. An arraignment has been scheduled for Sept.18.


Tags: actor / actress, arrest / arrest warrant, sensitive content, sexual misconduct
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