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Paper Magazine Talks to Creator of Celebrity Tea Account DuexMoi

*Started off as a lifestyle blog account in 2013 with an Instagram added as well.

*Site didn't really take off, but the creators kept it up because they did have quite a few followers. Started posted a few celeb tidbits and blind items here and there.

*Site started to take off in March during the beginning of quarantine, when they asked followers to send in any experiences they had with celebs, and got a huge response.

*They get about 300-500 story submissions per day.

*As the site has become more popular, unfortunately people have started submitting fake stories and fandoms started sending fake stories as part of stan wars.

*Has gotten some tips that they think are clearly from PR people. Usually can tell the fake fan stories, but sometimes posts them anyway for entertainment value.

*Won't post stories if they are too sad, like about substance abuse or family situations.

*Wants to focus more on the silly mundane celeb tidbits, like their coffee order, and not the salacious stuff that CDAN focuses on.

*Says the celebs who seem to generate the nicest fan encounters are people like Luke Wilson, Steve Carrell, Pink, Kim Kardashian, Drew Barrymore, Adam Sandler, the Hadids, Julianne Moore.

*Has recieved more than a few negative encounters about Leslie Mann, Marisa Tomei, and David Schwimmer(who they call Rude Ross because he does *NOT* like people approaching him to talk about Friends) and Mila Kunis. But does say sometimes it could just be a case of a celeb having a bad day.

*Working on starting an archive of stories (I don't know if this is the paid option they've been hinting at on IG or not.)


What are some of your favorite celeb encounters and/or DuexMoi stories, ONTD?
Tags: actor / actress, celebrity encounter, internet celebrities, rumors / gossip, what is the truth
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