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Below Deck Mediterranean S5EP10 Discussion Post

[Just in case you haven’t seen tonight’s episode]Tonight we say goodbye to Kiko. Captain Sandy technically fired Kiko in last week’s episode but for those hoping he’d get a second chance and stay. Nope! But have no fear, Malia’s boyfriend is conveniently visiting her just in time to take Kiko’s chef job! It’s just a coincidence y’all! Totally.

I know the recap above is for last week’s ep (9). I’ll update it as soon as a new one becomes available for those who care. I just needed an excuse to express my disbelief rn.

ONTD: Do you have a boss watching over your shoulder every second, tearing you down and micromanaging your every move? JusticeForKiko

I don’t even know if I can continue watching this season. I’m not looking forward to seeing the crew and Sandy gang up on Hannah next.

'Below Deck Med' Star Chef Kiko gets candid about his relationship with Captain Sandy and reveals which crew member annoys him the most while in the kitchen.

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