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Why Glee's Mr. Schue Should Have Been Fired - An ONTD Original

Hello, ONTD and welcome to another Glee post! I recently finished rewatching the entire series and after making posts about the worst covers and the best covers Glee ever did, I wanted to make another post exposing the absolute creepiness that was continually displayed by one Mr. William Schuester. I tried to keep things in a general chronological order, but it's not exact.

We'll start with a scene from the very first episode of Glee. In search of more members for the Glee club, Will creepily spies on Finn showering. He then proceeds to plant drugs in Finn's locker and blackmails him into joining the Glee club. And it just gets worse from there.

Here we have one of the many times Mr. Schue raps. Every time he raps is terrible, but there's just something about how touchy-feely he is during this performance that makes it even worse than normal. In particular, I would like to point out timestamp 0:50 where he literally grabs Quinn's face and also timestamp 1:08 where he shoves Puck out of the way so he can sit between him and Rachel.

A few episodes later, Mr. Schue has the Glee club pair up with random partners to perform a ballad. The pairings are: Puck and Mercedes, Finn and Kurt, Artie and Quinn, Brittany and Santana, and Tina and Mike. But wait! Matt, the forgettable 12th member of the club in season 1, is out sick that week! So Rachel has to pair up with Mr. Schue! This in itself is not the worst. Out of all the songs they could possibly sing, they choose Endless Love. There are some uncomfortable stares and at the end of the song, Rachel is in love with Will! Oh no! What's he going to do?

Well, it's Glee, so he's going to sing again, obviously! This time he mashes up Don't Stand So Close To Me and Young Girl, the latter of which was originally about an adult man being interesting in a...well, young girl. They change the lyrics here, but why not just do Don't Stand So Close To Me? Not that it does any good, because the message Rachel takes away is that she is "a young girl" and it's "hard for (Will) to stand close to (Rachel)". Emma is also in the audience for this performance, because I guess we just needed to prove that everyone loves Will.

This episode also tells us that Rachel is not the first student to fall for Will's irresistibility! Nope, in this episode we meet Suzy Pepper, a student who had a massive crush on Will two years ago. She was so in love with Will that she consumed the world's hottest pepper to prove her love to him (lol glee). This did not end well. After Rachel shows up at his house unannounced, Terri, his wife, yells at him because apparently this sort of thing happens often? Will is just so attractive, after all. Anyway, the next day Rachel is confronted by Suzy Pepper and the episode eventually ends with Will actually talking to Rachel and telling her her crush is inappropriate and it has to stop. She's a little upset, but she understands. Gee, Will, maybe if you had talked to her instead of singing at her, she would have understood sooner! The plotline is never mentioned again. Also keep in mind that Will was able to take over as the glee club director because the previous one was fired for inappropriate conduct with a student.

(Side Note: A girl I went to high school with posted multiple thinkpieces on this episode on her blog and Facebook when it aired. She thought it was great because teacher-student relationships should be normalized. I wish I was kidding. Anyway, it was later revealed that she was having an affair with one of her college professors.)

Back to creepy-ass Will Schuester though.

Anyway, after separating from his wife (due to her faking a pregnancy and trying to buy his student's baby), Will has a thing with Emma for a little, but she's not comfortable having sex with him yet, so he has a fling with Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth's characters (on separate occasions). Sue finds out, tells Emma, and we get this iconic scene:

In the season two Britney Spears tribute episode, the Glee Club does a performance at a school-wide assembly. To understand the full weirdness of this moment, however, we need to go back to season one, episode two. In this episode, the Glee kids also perform at a school-wide assembly. However they choose to perform the inappropriate-for-school number "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa without telling Will. Will is, rightfully, irritated at the Glee club for choosing this song without telling him as it's inappropriate. Fast-forward a season. In this assembly, the club performs "Toxic" by Britney Spears, accompanied by some very suggestive dance moves. And, this time, due to his jealousy over Emma now dating John Stamos, Will joins them on stage!

The whole performance is just a mess and includes Will dancing dangerously close to several minor's rear ends. It ends with students in the audience screaming things like "Mr. Schue, have my babies!" until Sue, like those of us at home, has seen enough and pulls the fire alarm. Later, Will is accused of starting a "Britney Spears sex riot" which sounds like the plot of a bad Kpop fanfiction.

And that means it's time for...oh boy.

The entire Rocky Horror episode is a whole-ass MESS. Will is still seething over Emma dating John Stamos, so after he finds out that John Stamos has gotten her into the Rocky Horror Picture Show, he decides that, obviously, Rocky Horror is not only the perfect performance for the Glee club to put on, but also that it's appropriate for a Midwestern high school! Now, I have never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show and I have no desire to, but even I know better than that.

Anyway, Will tries to get Kurt, the only out (at the time) gay club member to play Dr Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite. Kurt, because he was usually the voice of reason pre-Blaine, refuses. My husband Mike Chang volunteers for the role and new student Sam is given the role of Rocky. Later, Mike's parents have a conniption about him playing a transvestite, so he drops out and the role is given to Mercedes. (Side note- although the show implies that Mike's parents don't want him to play the role due to transphobia, I don't think I would want my underage child acting in this play regardless of the role, so I can't say I blame them)

Will, back on his manipulative bullshit, suddenly decides that instead of Sam playing Rocky, he's going to play Rocky himself! He does this so that he and Emma can rehearse the very provocative "Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me" together. And I'm going to quote the Glee wiki page for the episode here, since they say it better than I could, "(Will) conveniently forgets the disturbing fact that one of his students will be singing the number to him during actual performances". There is frequent shirtlessness involved. The scene with him and Emma is creepy enough (especially with Brittany and Santana spying on the performance) but let's just remember that he was planning on going on stage to do this performance with an underage Rachel Berry.

Throughout this episode, Sue is trying to win a local Emmy (?) by doing an expose on the inappropriate subject matter of the play. Additionally, John Stamos rightfully gets pissed the hell off at Will after learning from Emma exactly what happened during their little rehearsal. Anyway, Will does eventually decide to cancel the public performance and has the club perform the musical to an audience of himself only. Which....may actually be even creepier?

There's a lot of minor offenses over seasons, including:
- Asks an 18-year-old Finn to be his best man because "he's taught him more about being a man than anyone else"
- Tells the entire glee club that they're minorities because they're in Glee club. Admittedly, except for Finn and maybe Quinn, they are all a minority in some way (Tina and Mike are Asian, Matt and Mercedes are African American, Santana is a Latina lesbian, Brittany (and maybe Quinn) is bisexual, Artie is in a wheelchair, Kurt is gay, and Rachel and Puck are both Jewish.) So I'm not entirely sure what this line was supposed to prove, but OK.
- Tries to trick Sue into falling in love with him.
- Brittany, who has joined the school newspaper, is ordered by Sue to ask Will how many students he has had affairs with. Apparently it's 0.
- Enjoyed Mercedes and Santana shaking their butts during a performance a little too much.
- The entire episode of "The Spanish Teacher" is a hot mess and reveals that he doesn't even really know that much Spanish. (SO HOW DID HE GET THE JOB?) It was just the only open position at the school. Ricky Martin takes over teaching Spanish and Will starts teaching History instead because apparently teachers switching subjects randomly is a thing that happens on Glee.
- Stole Finn's letterman jacket from his grieving stepbrother, Kurt.
- More rapping
- More inappropriate dancing.
- In (one of) the weirdest moment(s) of the show, Gwyneth Paltrow tries to teach the club members how to be 'sexy' by singing Do You Wanna Touch Me?, which results in all of the glee club members except Quinn and Rachel (who eventually do join in) doing some very....interesting dance moves. Anyway, Will, OF ALL PEOPLE, is sitting there during Gwyneth's performance and he thinks she's doing "too much." We have video evidence, Will!
- When all of the Glee club members come to school hung over, he makes them sign a contract that says they won't drink least until after Nationals, then they can get wasted whenever they want.
- Finds out the female football coach has never been kissed, so he kisses her (?)

Season 5 brings 2 of the absolute worst Will moments, though:

Marley, being a 15-year-old girl, is uncomfortable dressing in a revealing outfit for a Lady Gaga performance. Naturally, Will is understanding and allows her to either wear something else that matches or sit out of the performance. Oh, no. He actually suspends her from the club. I don't actually understand why she even had to wear anything revealing at all. Back in the Season 1 episode where the girls and Kurt performed "Bad Romance", they all dressed up in outfits that were based on clothes that Lady Gaga had worn and really only Tina's was super revealing. Anyway, keep in mind, this guy has won the Teacher of the Year award twice.

And in the very next episode:

I included this in my post about the Worst Glee Covers, but I'm gonna put it in here and add a little context. The episode this song is in is titled "The End of Twerk." Tina, in her obsessive Blaine phase, has been stalking him with a video camera and catches him twerking in the choir room. He asks her to stop and in response, she uploads the video to the Internet. But this is a post about Will, not Tina. Anyway, after watching this video of his 17-year-old student twerking, Will decides that EVERYONE in the club should work on their twerking skills that week.

Some stuff happens and Sue, who is the principal of the school now, bans twerking in the school. Which, I mean, fair. Will decides that the answer is to lead the entire school in a twerking-laced performance of everyone's favorite song about consent, Blurred Lines! Will ends up on stage with many, many teenagers, including cheerleaders in short skirts, who are waving their asses around.

Sue, in response, does what should have been done in the first episode and fires him. There's a school board meeting and a borderline-offensive transgender bathroom subplot that contributes to this main plot somehow, and Will ends up throwing a tantrum in Sue's office. The twerking assignment is cancelled and Will keeps his job.

Those are all the moments that I found to be incredibly inappropriate, though there are many, many more! But at least he never actually had sex with a student, unlike some people we could mention (Looking @ you, Idina).

What are your favorite Creepy Will moments, ONTD?
At what moment would you have complained to the administration?

(My fourth and final Glee post about the many many ridiculous and borderline offensive plotlines is in progress..but that's gonna be a long one)

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