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A Bon Appétit follow up from The Sporkful

After their initial report on the Reckoning at Bon Appétit, The Sporkful released a new episode following up on what's been happening behind the scenes at BA and Condé Nast. I listened to the episode and picked a few choice quotes.

They reached out to 17 members of BA staff for comments. Only 6 people talked but requested not to be named "for fear of retaliation or because of ongoing negotiations with the company. No one agreed to be interviewed on tape."

A BA staffer who was interviewed by Proskauer Rose (the law firm CN hired to manage the complaints) told the podcast "it felt like the interviews were more about mounting a defence for Condé Nast, rather than helping the company make changes." Some of the interviews were scheduled last minute or in the evening, leaving staff with little time to prepare.

Multiple people at BA have told The Sporkful that "they see this as part of a larger effort to intimidate them". This is following Matt Hunziker's suspension after he posted tweets that were critical of CN. If you missed this news, here's a tweet for context:

Several people at BA view Hunzi's suspension as "retribution" for his tweets. The hashtag #standwithhunzi was created after the news broke, with many staffers posting messages of support for him on social media. A mandatory staff meeting was called later that evening with Anna Wintour in attendance. "Multiple sources confirmed that in this meeting people were called out by name for supporting Matt Hunziker on social media and told to take down their posts." Some people have left their posts up, including Priya Krishna and Carla Lalli Music.

The BA Youtube channel still hasn't posted anything since June 5th. "Several people at Bon Appetit tell us that because of the way the negotiations are going there's a real possibility that a core group of test kitchen stars will leave the company."

CN has recently hired Agnes Chu as their new President of Condé Nast Entertainment. She was previously the Senior VP of Disney+.

You can listen to the full episode for more information and discussion here: Source 1
Source 2
Source 3
Source 4
Source 5

What are your thoughts ONTD? I reckon CN is going to recast the TK after the originals leave and hope no one will remember this in a year's time. Instead of, y'know, actually giving a shit about their POC employees.
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