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Rise, Potomac, Rise! Let's Talk About The Real Housewives Crown Jewel Premiere Episode

- after being delayed she is back and we is ready.
- if you've followed some behind the scenes, we know there is a huge kerfuffle between MLMonique and Country Club Candiace which will be the centerpiece of the season. We're getting that ominous horror movie edit
- But let's get to cuter time. We open with MLMonique's family and the new family addition - baby boy Chase and baby parrot T'Challa
- Theeeeeeeeeee Grahhhhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnddddde Daaaaaahhhhhhhhmmmmmmme is out of Great Falls and in Potomac and we new see the new home (buy La'Dame on QVC). She reveals to Monique that Ray hasn't been supporting her business endeavors, but hopes tat is not extending to the relationship

- YellowLightGreenLight is redecorating her home - annnnnd ummmmmmmmmm... moving on. She's back dating her ex-husband, philandering pastor Jamal Harrison Bryant (aka Mr. Chocolate). His own damn kids are like "dis new much" and think he's only communicating with them to earn brownie points with her
- Country Club Candiace are looking for a venue so Miss Dorothy to write the check for their anniversary party
- The Nosy Sugar Baby is back with her bébé and still with Sweatyback ClosedSteakhouse. She's gone all granola mom but she looks amazing her in talking head, like that 60s mod style
- come on editing! give us this DMV scenery
- Her Brokeness and she brought Juan (yay for us). Honey you are in a relationship with a single man. She did tank his money doe, so he probably like "nah"
- Candiace is not bringing The Nosy Sugar Baby to her party and she is salty because YellowLightGreenLight is dogging her out. Guess OP should start calling Candiance Junior Brokeness
- The Nosy Sugar Baby and MLMonique have now bonded over their little boogers and DoTerra
- We are introduced to Dr. Wendy! and Kween Kurn is not feeling it.
- Candiace accosts Giselle about her constantly trash talking and burning bridges and Giselle calls her on it.
- Grifter Charisse is here probably just for the goss', like she gives a fuck about Country Club. Apparently she's been spreading a lot of rumors about MLMonique.


Y'all, y'all, what a knockout of a premiere and it looks like it's only going to get better! What was your favorite moment?
Tags: reality show, reality show - bravo, the real housewives (bravo)
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