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Rose McGowan & Holly Marie Combs stage impromptu Charmed reunion


-While Holly takes a quick break Rose is asked by fans "did Shannen/Alyssa really hate each other?" to which she said "Im pretty sure, yeah"

-Rose talks about starting Charmed and Paige having multiple "love interests". She finally got tired of it and told the producers that they were making Paige look like a "hoe" and afterwards they gave her nearly no love interests.

-Rose called in favors to her Hollywood friends to appear on Charmed, one of them being Norman Reedus who was Hollys favorite. He doesnt remember ever appearing on the show.

-Rose had no idea that Brian Kraus (Leo) wrote an episode of Charmed. HMC reveals that he was very secretive about it.

-Rose rarely watched her dailies so the first time she did she was shocked to see how they lit her on camera. They discuss the dailies that have been leaked to Youtube, HMC is pissed that CBS has been pulling them off when they did not care about the show at all. HMC also reveals that Aaron Spelling hated Gag Reels. Rose suggests that she and Holly could react to the dailies and ways to get around CBS trying to take it down should they ever do it.

-Rose discusses how Charmed was the black sheep of Paramount/WB/CBS and doesnt think that no one would be interested in a Charmed movie. HMC thinks Netflix may be an ally in a possible movie. Rose believes that all of Hollywood are probably scared of her now. Rose discusses directing "Holly, Shannen, and the other one" if a Charmed movie were to come about but Holly thinks Shannen should direct since that is her forte, Holly decides they just need to make 2 films to be fair.

-Holly and the rest of the moms of Pretty Little Liars are doing a recap podcast of PLL. HMC reveals that fans have been asking her to do a Charmed rewatch podcast which she finds hilarious since none of them would remember anything.

-Rose talks about the infamous "No haircuts rule unless given WB approval" that was intiated shortly after the infamous Felicity hair cut. Producers freaked when she cut and dyed her hair after Season 4 and how she came up with the "Potion gone wrong" for 5x01. Holly reveals that even Brian Krause was held to this rule. She also reveals that Aaron Spelling was also very against changes in hair style as he was very strong on establishing identity due to the Farrah Fawcett hair.

-Rose was always frustrated how the show treated fans as if they were stupid and always having to recap to the audience what happened in previous scenes. Holly reveals how they the big wigs really wanted the show to do standalone episodes to help with syndication.

-Fans ask Holly who has the original Book of Shadows. She reveals that Brian has the stunt book, she has two prop books, and that Kern still has the original book wherein Rose accidently wrote in it when she first came on the show.

-Rose reveals that Quentin Tarantino was obessed with the show and would often call her up on set asking her questions about the spells, potions, etc...Kern got fed up and asked Rose to ask him to stop. Rose had kern send Tarantino his own Book of Shadows and show bible.

-Holly doesnt think that Magic School came from Harry Potter but when it was first brought up as a possible rip off she was shocked and thought "this is so lame!" if the writers did indeed rip off Harry Potter.

-Rose could barely remember spells so they often would have someone hold up que cards off screen for them to read off of.

-They discuss dumbest press questions that they were asked while on the show: #1 was "Do they really all get along and do they hang out after work"

-Rose hated the original dialogue that was written when Harry proposed to Paige so she ended up rewriting it.

-A fan suggests that paige should've been gay to which Rose agrees but the network/producers were very old school.

-Holly reunites Rose with her son, Finley. Rose hasnt seen him since he was born while they did the show together.

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