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ONTD Original: Actors turned Musicians: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

-Starting off this list with The Good: Before she won an Oscar and was Captain Marvel, Brie was singing about skipping P.E, mean girls, and the like.

-Actors are known to dabble in many fields, some make sense, and some don't.

-For our entertainment, here's those who have either embarrassed or enlightened themselves in the process of making their 'art'.

[The Good]
Ashlee Tisdale: He Said, She Said was a move away from the squeaky Disney persona.

Hilary Duff: 'Come Clean' was her first Top 40 hit. Iconic moment when her rival at the time Lindsay Lohan sang along to it.

Zooey Deschanel: Hipster, twee, and alternative. Check, check, check!

Ryan Gosling:

Jack Black:

Marion Cotillard: Before Dior dumped her unceremoniously, she debuted a cool song for them.

Hyun Bin:

Ji Sung:

Rashida Jones: Sang background vocals for 'Songs about Jane' (Maroon 5)

Kim Ah Joong: Cover of Blondie's hit song.

Faye Wong: Red Bean song.

Jennifer Lopez:

Will Smith:

[The Bad]
Vanessa Hudgens:

Lindsay Lohan: 'Rumors' and 'Confessions' were bops but between her rl messy persona and auto-tuned songs have made her stuck in the past.

Keanu Reeves:

Maggie Cheung: Legendary Chinese actress who has since retired. She tried but this song is just a waste of her talents.

So Ji Sub: Declined a 'Show Me the Money' cameo. Said he can't rap, at least he's aware.

Priyanka Chopra:

Scarlett Johannson: Its fine, just sounds like NyQuil. zzZZ...

[The Ugly]
Jared Leto: (Some bops but alleged skeevy creepy persona)

Johnny Depp: (Abusive Drunk)

Jeremy Renner: (Brought to you by popular demand) Is known to be a deadbeat father.

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