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27 Storylines On TV Shows That People Could've Done Without

5 out of 27

-Michael coming back after he had presumably died on Jane the Virgin.
"He died and it took so long for her to grieve and move on that bringing him back for like three episodes seemed forced."

- Eleven finding her siblings in Stranger Things.
"It came out of nowhere and was so unnecessary and never mentioned following that episode."

-Luke discovering he had a daughter in Gilmore Girls.
"It didn't add anything, it was just time filling."

-Debra getting over her stepbrother being a serial killer and realizing she had romantic feelings for him in Dexter.
"It was super out of the blue and never went anywhere except for giving me a creepy feeling, especially knowing that the actors were married at the time in real life."

-On Glee, when Rachel gave up her dream Broadway role in Funny Girl to star in that really bad TV show that got canceled.
"While it was nice to see Rachel Berry finally fail at something and not have it fixed by a diva tantrum, the plot didn't make sense. The whole goal of her character was to be on Broadway and she idolized Barbra Streisand. It ruined the show for me."

Tags: dexter (showtime), gilmore girls (cw / netflix), glee (fox), jane the virgin (cw), stranger things (netflix), television

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