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ONTD Original: K-indie, K-house, J-indie, and J-house music artists to check out

-The song above is going to adapted into a K-drama (Webtoon: True Beauty) starring Ro-won.

-Like K-pop, J-pop, or Asian artists but want to check out something in that vindicity but albeit chiller or different?

-There's a burgeoning K-indie, K-house, J-indie, and J-house scene that has emerged in the last few years.

-Want something new or bored? Or same? Here's a list of some artists to check out!

[More continued...]
K-indie Artists:

Park Won:

Peppertones: Mixture of K-electronica and K-rock (Led by a man and woman guitarist and singers)

BIBI: Debuted after she ran runner up in the talent show The Fan.

SWJA: Wrote SPRINGIRLS which addresses female sexuality, feminism, and sex in South Korea.


Stella Jang: Uses her French background in her songs


EPIK High: One of the most known K-rap bands from Korea. Mixes electronic beats/pop.

Japanese Breakfast: Jewish Korean-American queer/bi woman. Chose her name due to the lack of Korean representation growing up compared to Japan in America.

[K-House Artists]
Park Hye Jin: Currently resides in Europe. Emerging as another K-house talent to watch.

Yaeji: Born in Korea. Raised in Atlanta and New York. Queer and hosts a queer party called “curry in no hurry.”

Peggy Gou: Emerging as one of the hottest DJ's in the last 2 years.

[J-Indie & J-House]
Mondo Grosso: (Was on the list, because he has allegations for [TW]sexual assault that have disappeared off the internet. Thanks eldylabor for the heads-up!

Wednesday Campanella:

Rina Sawayama: Born in Japan. Raised in Britain. Japanese-British pansexual pop/contemporary R&B artist.

Mitski: Japanese American artist whose last album earned her critical acclaim.

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