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ONTD Original: Some Anime Openings and Endings I Didn't Skip

I was watching the Danganronpa 3 anime because I hate myself, and I realized the only thing I was looking forward to each time I was going to watch an episode was the opening for it. I usually skip anime openings so I can get to the actual content and to avoid the ad on Crunchyroll that didn't get blocked by my adblocker, so this made me try to think of other anime openings I liked to watch and didn't skip through.

So here's a list of anime openings and some endings that I believe I didn't skip at all because I liked them for some reason. It's not super diverse because I haven't seen a whole lot of anime (especially action-y ones), so if there isn't one that's amazing and/or is super popular, I'm not attacking it by excluding it on purpose*.


  • Bloom Into You ("Yagate Kimi ni Naru")

All that flower symbolism!! It's just really pretty and contains all the feelings. ;__;

  • A Place Farther Than The Universe ("The Girls Are Alright")

It's just so cute and perfectly encompasses the slice of life greatness of the show with some creative shots. The animation and art is so clean too and I just really like it okay!!

  • Banana Fish OP 2 ("Freedom")

The first OP of this show is good too and goes hard, but lbr the 2nd OP is where it's at and you can fight me on that. Tragic sadness snow leopard and all!

  • Mawaru Penguindrum OP 1 ("Nornir")

Mawaru Penguindrum OP from Zubie7a on Vimeo.

The creepy hushed dramatic vibe of it immediately grabbed me lol, and the symbolism and lyrics go so well together - it's just done very well for a batshit show about a bunch of random penguins showing up to ruin your life even further. I didn't immediately like the song but after a couple of episodes I watched this OP just for the song.

  • Baccano! ("Guns and Roses")

I think this was my favorite OP when I first started watching anime. It's still a treat to watch now and the best way to introduce such a huge cast and their dynamics. Also the song still slaps. (I would give Durarara!! an honorable mention as they did an OP similar to this one but I like Baccano!'s better)

  • Revolutionary Girl Utena ("Rinbu Revolution")

The lesbian energy is so rad, clean, powerful, etc. This OP is groovy AND heartbreaking! You love to cry to it see it.

  • Beastars ("Wild Side")

OK now before you start screaming "hdu furry trash!!" at me and rant about how a furry ran over your dog and ate your grandma, just watch this and tell me it isn't fire. I'LL WAIT. (The stop animation is superb on its own and the song is super catchy idc. Getting to watch this OP each time I watched an episode was almost the best part lol)

  • Carole & Tuesday ("Kiss Me")

Did this OP completely bait me into thinking the two lead women would be lesbianing together? Maybe. This OP is still super lovely, and I love the flow and art style. It is SUBLIME. I also like the 2nd OP with "Polly Jean", it sounds really magical.

  • Haibane Renmei ("Free Bird")

It's beautiful and serene just like the show at times. The music used for it is both perfectly calming and makes me feel like crying for no reason. Doesn't matter that I've last seen this anime maybe a decade ago, this OP still sticks in my memory and I illegally downloaded this song to listen to on my old-ass iPod back in the day when I was sleeping during study hall.

  • Danganronpa 3 Despair Arc OP 2 ("Matching the Color of God")

I've been playing this game series and then watched the anime because as I said, I clearly hate myself, but this OP is really great, surprisingly (the OP of the first anime in this series was...a choice). It does a good job at setting the ominous tone of the series because the audience goes into this show knowing things are eventually going to go to shit. It also does well at not feeling like a bloated mess when showing the large ensemble here.

  • Cowboy Bebop ("Tank!")

I knew if I didn't include this one I would have been crucified! Also it's just a jam and very stylistic in the best way.

Honorable mentions:
Princess Jellyfish (cute)
Flying Witch (SHA LA LA LAAAAA)
Dennou Coil (I just liked it, k)
Durarara!! (like mentioned before, it's similar to Baccano! in the way it flows)



  • Stars Align ("Kago no Naka no Bokura wa")

If you watched this show and skipped the ED every time... I just genuinely want to know what is wrong with you? It's the calm before the storm so wholesome!

  • Sarazanmai ("Stand by Me")

It's very cool how they have the 2D characters over the real life places the story takes place in, and I LOVE the song. And sometimes you really just need to sit there and let this normal ending wash over you so you can process the weird shit you had just been exposed to.

  • Paradise Kiss ("Do You Want To")

I love this random-ass ending. It's wild and makes little sense for this to be this show's ED but it works somehow. I immediately downloaded the song after seeing this for the first time. (I was also VERY sick when I watched this for the first time but this ED still holds up lol.)

  • Fruits Basket 2019 Season 1 ED 2 ("One Step Closer")

Don't get me wrong, I love the first ED too and it makes me want to lie around in the grass and just forget there are bugs, but this ED is cuter to me. Both EDs feel very cozy and are the perfect outros for this show. (Idk if they're different for Season 2 as I haven't watched it yet.)

  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica ("Magia")

This song scared me at first (as you know if you've ever watched it, this show took a TURN) lol but I never wanted to actually skip it! The instrumentals still gives me chills.

  • Tiger & Bunny ("Hoshi no Sumika")

I just really liked the song and vibe for it tbh. High school!me wanted to leisurely walk in space for reasons too.

Honorable mentions:
No. 6 (the ED is so much better than the OP lol, it's cute)
Little Witch Academia (also cute)
The Promised Neverland (decidedly not cute; very panic-sounding but I like it)


What anime OPs/EDs do you enjoy watching?

Sources: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

*I left out Yuri on Ice's OP/EDs on purpose bye

Tags: anime / manga, ontd original
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