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Son Ye Jin & Lee Sun Kyun Reportedly Set To Make Hollywood Debut In Film Opposite Sam Worthington

-The Korean superstar who just came off the global success of Crash Landing On You has been offered the female lead in Andrew Niccol's next film: Cross (which has been in development for over a decade).

-Lee Sun Kyun who also had the global phenomenon of Parasite has been offered to star as offered the role of the intimidating and powerful chief of border protection.

-The film is set in a fictional world where Ye jin plays Vera (a tough woman who lives near the border), and Sam plays the man who lives in the wealthy nation (Hmm...)

-The film aims to shoot in South Korea (After Andrew took a notice when he visited last year) in March 2021.

-ONTD, are you ready for Sam Worthington to be decimated by actual talented and charismatic actors?

[Spoiler (click to open)]

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Are there any Asian superstars that should make the cross-over to Hollywood, ONTD?
Tags: asian celebrities, casting / auditions, film - in development, sam worthington
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