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Known abuser Sean Penn might have married his "child-bride" Laila George

- According to a friend's social media post, Sean Penn, 60, has married his girlfriend Laila George, 28 recently.
-The announcement comes just days after they were spotted in LA, getting dinner with Sean's 26-year-old son Hopper.
- They have been dating since 2016.

Tags: actor / actress, marriage, men are weak, nobody

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OMG I thought his arm was just like, a baggy sleeve until I zoomed in on his LOOSE, SAGGY SKIN.
Same and kept looking for where the sleeve ended.


1 day ago

her grandpa seems to be going thru a lot it's nice she's spending time with him imo
If this man weren't a rich celebrity and I saw him in the grocery store or something, I'd think he's so trashy and gross. Looks like an old methhead you'd see in walmart


1 day ago

looking like a white walker who sunbathed wrongly
he looks like a florida gas station 🤮


1 day ago

She’s cute. I just can’t believe that her mom is Greta Scachi, her dad is V. D’Onofrio and she willing chose you marry old Sean Penn. Young Sean Penn, okay; but old Sean? No. Just no.
He is gut-wrenchingly ugly. That's all I have to contribute.
I just asked myself if I could ever consider dating someone my parents' age and I think if it would ever happen, it would be with another woman. Geena Davis, Emma Thompson, someone like that.

I don't dismiss age gaps if they happen with people where there isn't a creepy power dynamic or super young + parents' age.

Like, Holland Taylor and Sarah Paulson are great, but both were fully grown adults with life experience and relationships.

i get kinda sad when i see women just not loving themselves enough. today i saw vincent cassel's wife post and i was like.... he just seems so sleazy towards her. i'm sure she posted it as a joke but i was like... ew girl.

i've been there for a really long time and it's a difficult mindset to move past from. and then when you realise it you feel like a fool.


August 1 2020, 20:08:27 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  August 1 2020, 20:10:23 UTC

omg that's sooo creepy she's even younger than this girl
and he knocked her up immediately it's soooo creepy
they started "officially" dating as soon as she turned 18 she's only 23 omg omg omg creep
i've been there for a really long time and it's a difficult mindset to move past from. and then when you realise it you feel like a fool.

What does she see in him??????


August 1 2020, 20:07:54 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  August 1 2020, 20:16:01 UTC

she comes from money and decent connections why is she doing this what is she trying to prove
vincent d'onofrio (??) seems like a decent dad he cast her in his movies what daddy issue is she trying to solve here

also shes so pretty she looks just like her mom when she was young
i like older men ... i have no issue marrying someone twice my age but definitely not someone have history of abuse though.

pp here are so judgemental, she’s an adult ... some pp like older men / women. it’s weird if you’re 18/19/20/21 and dating twice your age but then again it’s depend on the situation ... who are we to judge.
he's ugly and abusive
also there's older men and then there's men in their 60s when you're in your 20s

if a hot 45yo wants to call me up hiii


August 1 2020, 22:01:47 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  August 1 2020, 22:02:03 UTC

You say people like older men/women when we know damn well there's 1 man who's in a relationship with an older woman for every 50 women who gets in a relationship with an older man.
Y'all speaking of men making questionable choices! I was watching part of Staged, and some girl came on screen with Michael Sheen, and I thought, awww! He must've quarantined with his daughter, that's nice! Then she started touching his arm and hair and the realization hit me like a TRAIN. LIKE A TRAIN.
I started watching that movie with Kevin bacon and Amanda Seyfried. Omg i could not do it. It was disgusting and then they started fucking in the car...nope.
I laughed so hard when he shows up on the set of the wife's movie production and the P.A. guy literally asks "are you her dad?" Kevin bacons character just smirks and goes "no im her husband". I mean if you have to put a dad joke in your movie because the age difference is so jarring (and disgusting) you know there is something wrong with it.
i wonder what the meaning of changing that was bc in thr book they make a point of mentioning shes over 40.
He's 1 year younger than her dad and she's 1 year younger than his daughter.
Most men in their 20s would balk at the thought of dating an attractive woman in her 40s but it's quite normalized the other way round.
I expect nothing less from this bootleg looking Coach bag parading around as a man
I mean I have the same problem with Kate Beckinsale and her boy toy age gaps and even her ex Sheen got a 20 something pregnant. I cannot imagine dating someone with such an age gap. Especially someone with kids.
Shes so tacky. Her relationships are super gross too. Some of these guys are barely older than her daughter.
She’s almost 30 and knows what she’s doing. Meh
Firstly, just discovered from this post that Leila is:

1. Greta Scacchi's daughter
2. Greta Scacchi married her FIRST COUSIN (I didn't know that was even legal in Australia but apparently you can marry your AUNT or UNCLE wtf)

Which is wild.

Once this was pointed out to me, I can see the resemblance and she looks SO much like her mum (who I've loved for forever due to Looking for Alibrandi and a million period dramas)

But on topic, I really hope this is untrue because .... damn. I know she's a grown woman and it's her prerogative but the fact that she's so much younger than Penn is a common page in the abuser handbook - the power differential in the relationship and also because it suggests a contempt for women once they get older.


August 1 2020, 23:15:27 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  August 1 2020, 23:17:02 UTC

I try not to be judgmental about first cousin relationships because, from what I have read/recall, there isn't much increased risk for genetic abnormalities for offspring. If a couple of generations of those types of relationships occur, of course, then it's definitely a problem.

People also don't tend to develop much aversion to a sexual relationship with a first cousin if they haven't spent a significant amount of time with each other in their development/childhood. Psych research has shown that children with no biological relationship DO develop that aversion if raised together (for example, in a commune setting), but that aversion doesn't just naturally happen due to biology.

This partially explains the phenomenon of incestuous relationships developing between adult adoptive children and their biological parents after they've reunited decades after the adoption.
This partially explains the phenomenon of incestuous relationships developing between adult adoptive children and their biological parents after they've reunited decades after the adoption.



I know of at least TWO cases of people marrying their first cousins here and its just...
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