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Former employees on "Ellen" claim "rampant sexual misconduct" in new report

Follow up to Ellen's leaked apology.

Dozens of employees on "The Ellen Show" have accused producers of "rampant sexual misconduct" in new report.

On July 16, one current and 10 former employees of the show claimed they faced "racism, fear, and intimidation" in the workplace.

Krystie Yandoli, a BuzzFeed News entertainment reporter said on Friday that she had spoken to nearly 50 former employees who worked on "The Ellen Show."

"All of them say they found what their experience was behind the scenes to be in contrast to what the show makes a profit off of. And what Ellen DeGeneres has built an entire brand off, of which is the 'be kind' message," Yandoli said.

One former employee, a Black woman, reported that she experienced racist comments, actions and "microaggressions." One employee said she was fed up with comments about her race, so she essentially "walked off the job." Other former employees said they were fired unexpectedly after needing to take medical leaves and bereavement days.

Five former employees said executive producer Ed Glavin had a button at his desk that remotely shut his office door, which he used "as an intimidation tactic" during reprimands.

Another former employee said co-executive producer Jonathan Norman "groomed" him by taking him to concerts and other work-related perks. He then attempted to perform oral sex on him.

All of the reports are being denied.

Meanwhile, former Everybody Loves Raymond and Finding Nemo star Brad Garrett tweeted about his experience on the show:

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