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Florence Welch, Susie Cave, Jodie Turner-Smith and Anjelica Huston for Gucci Bloom

Florence Welch, Susie Cave, Jodie Turner-Smith and Anjelica Huston are the protagonist of Gucci's new campaign for perfume Gucci Bloom
The spot was filmed in 2019 at La Scarzuola (Umbria, Italy)

More pictures and Videos behind the cutCollapse )

Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source Source
Tags: actor / actress, british celebrities, florence + the machine
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If I wear this will I too become a flower witch?!
I loooove the campy/witchy look of this!
Ah, Anjelica ❤

I need to get a new scent 'cause my nose is definitely used to my regulars and that won't do. I loathe people who wear too much and do not wish to become one.
But everything is so expensive and/or not available for testing due to covid... I tend to react strongly to perfumes so I could never blind buy anything.

The Gucci turnaround has been so fascinating to watch btw.

I wear book by commodity and indigo by nest
A++ model choices, all of them. Especially Susie Cave, I've had such a serious case of lust over her dresses for The Vampire's Wife but all I can afford from it is tshirts and masks oop

(ok and maybe the separates on sale but what my heart really wants is to dress like a disco version of a Victorian-era heroine...will make do w her frilly silk masks for now tho)

I've wanted to be Anjelina Huston since tiny me saw The Addams Family and thought they were the best thing ever.
Me too! I actually just watched it his afternoon.

Thinking back, I watched so many of her films repeatedly as a kid- The Addams Family Values, The Witches, Ever After. I definitely wanted to be her.
I just realized that I wrote Anjelina instead of Anjelica. That's what I get for commenting while still half asleep.
did anyone manage do DL the florence leaks? i should make a post abt those
what is it? i've never heard of any leaks florence related
around the 20th july, four unreleased florence songs from previous albums leaked on YT, but were taken down again at the request of her team. haven't managed to hear them but now i know they exist and it kills me on the inside lol.
Queens Florence and Anjelica in their ELEMENT <3 <3 <3


August 1 2020, 16:46:39 UTC 1 day ago Edited:  August 1 2020, 22:03:25 UTC

Need to look up more information about La Scarzuola compound. Bellissima photos and videos.
(Had a loading issue on my end ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)
Can this be a show/movie? Because I'd watch it with all of these women.
I’m surprised ONTD is here for Anjelica Huston considering she’s defended woody Allen and Roman Polanski
What?! Noooooooo. 😢

I would like to join this coven
ugh florence drop an album with some operatic bops in this hell year i am begging you.

they look great although i'm kind of over gucci's whole...thing. it's just so omnipresent. i can't see anjelica huston without thinking of that vulture interview she did though, she makes me sad.
I bought it 2 years, I still haven't finished it yet. I don't suit sweet floral scent so I don't know why the hell I thought it would be nice on me.

I think I have found my spring/summer perfume with Maison Margiela Flying and I'm a fan of Tom Ford Velvet Orchid for autumn/winter.
I'm fascinated by people who have a specific scent for every occasion. I've been wearing the same perfume for the past 10 years and it kinda became my smell. My friends say they're always reminded of me when the smell tic tacs bc apparently my perfume smells a lot like them lol I'm just not fancy enough to spend a lot on perfume tbh.
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