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Love After Lockup 3.3 "Wife #4 Makes a Race to the Halfway House to Escape New Spouse" Recap

New couple!

Tyrice is an engineer who thinks women think he’s a commodity. He is in love with a Becky – Chanda and after ten weeks of dating, this nigga thinks she is the ONE. He is 49, she is 28 – and he has not told his adult children that she is seeing this woman.

Can we just talk about how manipulative Big Lots Bob Odenkirk (John) and his Titty Tassel shirt’s proposal was to Kristiana? She said yes but…
- She has repeatedly said she doesn’t know if she’s in love
- Halfway houses have very strict curfew times and she needs to get there in a time crunch

The newly engaged couple – is she sitting on his lap in the limo or is she just tall? They get to the Ford F150 wedding chapel to complete the ceremony. He purchased a dress that doesn’t fit, people she doesn’t know are scrambling trying to ask her questions and she’s just overwhelmed and anxious to get to the halfway house.

Babyface Mo (Maurice) and Jessica have to drive to LA so his parole can be transferred to Vegas, where she lives. She deadass said that she knew Babyface only wanted to get married so they could get conjugal visits. THEY GOT MARRIED WHEN HE WAS 22! Of course, this idiot wanted to marry to have sex.

Penitentiary Splenda Daddy is getting ready for Cubic Zirconia Lindsay’s release – getting steaks and limos until his card gets declined. He also got a limo to surprise his new boo. Not much happening with them this episode.

Shavel and Motherboy/The Lost Migo (Quaylon) continue their journey to get him. This asshole wasn’t honest with either his mom or girlfriend because he’s told Momma Migo that he and Shavel are moving to Houston, but Shavel had no clue about this life update (she lives in Kansas City). We learn from Quaylon’s mother that he was shot at 17 and was in jail from that moment. Later, we the prison gates open but no Released Migo.

Stringalong Shawn makes some MAGA tacos for his new lovah Destinie. He said while making the Michelin star dish that he has never spoiled a woman the way he spoils Destinie and I – I – I hate it here. Those poor women. But we see Destinie run out with her stuff to run into her broke boyfriend’s arms. They both have been mildly catfished by each other but they think the connection is there.


OP misses Tony, Angela, Andrea and Lamar.
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