crazyfirecrotch (crazyfirecrotch) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Toni Braxton: 'My real beauty secret? Yea ok it’s a vibrator!'

The You're Makin' Me High chanteuse divulges with viewers that she likes to use a vibrator for her face. In a new Vogue Beauty Secrets video Toni says, "I haven't used it on anything else other than my face, ok? Just FYI." After applying some eye cream, Braxton held up a large purple vibrator wand and admitted, "This thing right here, okay, I am going to admit, it is a vibrator. But I call it a face tingler."

She further explained how it works as she rubbed the top end around the contours of her face, like her cheekbones and eyes. “This has got the little ball here, which is perfect. Sometimes I put it in the freezer…this is really cold, I just kinda rub it, and it just activates all those muscles, get ‘em together. We are working today. We are gonna be cute today.”

Tags: beauty / makeup, black celebrities, music / musician

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