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The View: Kerry Washington, Miss Piggy, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Joy, Sunny, and Meghan.

No episode yesterday due to live coverage of John Lewis funeral

More behind the cut

Hot Topic #TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Donald Dum Dum is trying to distract from -waves vaguely at everything- so he once again railed against mail in votes and then suggested he might postpone the election. Don’t fall for it. Only Congress can change the date of the election. Governors won’t change the date for their states, either, because local-state offices must be filled (just like in WI earlier this year), and so people won’t get a ballot to vote for some offices but not POTUS. There may be delays in knowing the results but anyhoodle, he’s just setting it up to save face when he loses bigly. He tweeted like a crazy banshee during the live coverage of funeral for John Lewis, then went on an interview himself where he looked like a deer caught in headlights trying to grasp that absentee ballots are the same as mail-in ballots. Plus military have used mail-in ballots (and ex-pats) since the Civil War, so pfft. He was also tweeting dog-whistle racist nonsense about Suburban Housewives© not needing to be afraid of low income housing infiltrating their neighborhoods.

Anyway, read this John Lewis Essay for inspiring words /sorry if it’s behind the paywall

Hot Topic Rep Louis Gohmert (R-TX) Has Covid

He tested positive for covid and says he got it BECAUSE HE WORE A MASK. How are these people elected over and over, dear godddd. Mask it or casket.

Hot Topic Bloopers

The View hosts have been doing the show remotely for a couple of months. First they had their own homes visible in the background, then eventually a standard show background screen was added. Anyway, they talk about and play clips of work from home bloopers.

Hot Topic Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington was nominated for 4 Emmys and is producing a new documentary The Fight and is promoting her film American Son on Netflix.

Kerry is joined by Brigitte Amiri of the ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project and they talk more about their documentary The Fight available starting today on vod.

Hot Topic Miss Piggy

Miss Piggy has a new series Muppets Now on Disney+

Ontd have you had Zoom or Microsoft Teams mishaps??

ps a FFA Politics for any-and-everything

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