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Influencer is Looking For a Personal Assistant, And the Requirements are Wild

A job listing worthy of a Boomer on Linkedin is making the rounds on twitter. Originally posted on entertainmentcareers.net, (Unfortunately, it has been taken down) it was posted by verified user Taylor Lorenz on Twitter.

Let's take a look at it. Or, since you're ONTD, look at the gifs:

You will be a 'personal assistant to A well known celebrity/influencer with 10+ million followers ' in L.A. Sounds ordinary for now, let's keep reading.

"Part time." Ok.

"You must keep all emotion/private life matters completely away from this world." / "Ability to compartmentalize emotion and remain professional, calm and hardworking, and quiet at all times"

"Wake the client each day with schedule, Coffee, and all other requests"

How much would you like to bet that they have a ridiculously complicated Starbucks order as well? What includes "all other requests?

"MUST live 40-60 minutes away from Los Angeles" so you can "assist with travel including taking client to meetings/filming/fittings/studio sessions/parties etc"
-MUST have a car and be able to drive client anywhere at any time."

They didn't clarify what car...

And how much does this wonderful job pay?

"Compensation: - Hourly: $25-$30/hr"

But there's a possibility for full time work and higher pay! Yes, the job that's part time buT YOU HAVE TO BE ON CALL 24/7 is paying you less than 30$. You need to be paid about 500$/hr for all this.

People suspect that this was posted by the (former) assistant of

[Spoiler (click to open)]Tana Mongeau, who looks like an odd mix of Kacey Muskgraves and Iggy Azaelia after I googled her.

I didn't post the entire thing bc a lot of it is just wild. But go read it. Or go to the twitter thread and look at the snippets people are posting.


Who do you think is looking for a new assistant?
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