jemgirl90 (jemgirl90) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Chloe x Halle pay homage to the Spice Girs for their GLAAD Awards Performance

-Chloe X Halle performed "Do It" with Drag Race Alums for their "GLAAD Awards" performance.
-The GLAAD awards was held virtually and winners included "Pose" "Schitt's Creek" "Booksmart" and Lil Nas X

-Full list of winners and appearances from Lil Nas X, Rachel maddow, Demi lovato, and more under the cut


[Spoiler (click to open)]






Tags: award show - other, black celebrities, chloe x halle, demi lovato, lgbtq film / media, lil nas x, music / musician, rupaul / drag race, schitts creek (cbc)

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What a cute concept <3. The way Vanji does her makeup now just doesn't connect with me.
I generally agree but I thought she looked really good when she was the LSA on AS5.
She needs more defined contouring. It feels like one color and then intense eye makeup. She needs to show more cuts and angles
Agreed. I wonder why she changed it. It wasn’t even a glow up, she just did something different.
vanji has morphed into lil kim
Omg :))) I love this. The song took me a second to grow on me but it’s one of my faves from them now
The song is a bop and I'm loving the Spice Girls homage.

Damn, Halle's waist is tiny tho. My eyes like zoomed in on her waist in that picture.
I was hoping it was Do It by Spice Girls lol.

Deleted comment

loved the concept and love this album sfm but halle's vocals in parts of this.....hmm....
Aw this is really cute and cool!
Love it!
This was wonderful, incredible, amazing, marvelous and more. And I'm so happy to see Mayhem Miller, I love her 🤩
she's so fun to watch
they're both already so tiny, i wish they didn't shop their waists even more in the picture. but this is cute as fuck and i love all of their looks.

...also i hate naomi's contacts. i loved her first season when she still did looks without those damn blue contacts.
I love this so much.
just made me miss weho. the mean gays, overpriced drinks and run in with d list celebs. frankie grande asked me for party favors at rocco's.
You miss that?!?!
omg same I miss Hi Tops :(
Ugh Halle’s angelic mermaid princess voice 😭😭😭😭😭
Her harmonies are PERFECT for Ariel.
For anyone who hasn't seen this it's a compilation of dancers to "Baby Girl" via zoom and it's absolutely beautiful and amazing
Wow! This is so cool :)
Love this performance and song! The Spice Girls homage was perf.
Aww this is so cute!
I love it, they all look great.
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