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Nicki Minaj's husband asks judge to allow him to be there for birth

- Kenneth Petty submitted legal docs, which TMZ obtained, which asks the judge to to modify the terms of his pretrial release conditions so he can travel with Nicki periodically on business as her manager and attend the upcoming birth of their baby.

- According to the docs, Petty wants the judge to give lieway should Nicki give birth outside his curfew hours.

- Petty says the U.S. Attorney's Office and pretrial services office don't oppose his request but it's up to the judge to sign off.

Tags: nicki minaj, pregnancy

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Wow! Let me go read the comments on that tweet.

That poor unborn child. They don't stand a chance with this family.

He's her manager now? Good lord
Shit, he’s her manager now too? This is an awful situation all around. I feel for that baby and I hope they remain safe.

I didn’t know he had 5 other kids, wtf. I hope they are safe as well.
This 42 year old man has a curfew.
You choose to have a child with a man who has a curfew.

Nevermind a history of using a weapon to force a girl (his own age but idgaf) into having sex with him.

A curfew.
She's a fucking idiot. All these women who bred with him are, but she takes the cake. She could've had anyone and she chose him. Moron.
I cannot believe she married him.
Imagine willingly putting yourself in the position of having a child with a convicted child predator, making him your manager and having to petition a judge so his registered sex offender ass can be present for the birth of your baby. Whew, couldn't be me.
This thing gets worse and worse with each new update and I cannot BELIEVE she's still choosing to be with him. He has to get permission just to be there for the baby's birth??? WHAT IS NOT CLICKING GIRL
Her life is just sad. She's a shitty person surrounded by shitty people, and now her kid we can only hope manages to get out of that when older.
I just feel so sorry for that child.


July 31 2020, 19:55:36 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  July 31 2020, 19:57:49 UTC

Lord. Her business manager? I really need black women in the entertainment industry in particular to quit marrying randos and then calling them their business manager to make the guy feel better about himself.

I mean do you. If you want to marry a rapist, marry a rapist but don’t call him your business manager. I cannot. He’s going to bleed her dry, just watch. And she’ll have no one to blame but herself.

Wasn't this dude homeless when she found him? I cant.

Deleted comment

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