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Nicki Minaj's husband asks judge to allow him to be there for birth

- Kenneth Petty submitted legal docs, which TMZ obtained, which asks the judge to to modify the terms of his pretrial release conditions so he can travel with Nicki periodically on business as her manager and attend the upcoming birth of their baby.

- According to the docs, Petty wants the judge to give lieway should Nicki give birth outside his curfew hours.

- Petty says the U.S. Attorney's Office and pretrial services office don't oppose his request but it's up to the judge to sign off.

Tags: nicki minaj, pregnancy

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wow. WOW.
This is so disgusting. What the fuck happened in someone's life to where they choose to marry and create a life with a fucking pedophile and are proud of their relationship? She just has this smugness about their relationship and it's truly sad. Not to mention the shit with her brother Idgi?
that poor child, fucked over by life before even being born. :/

Also I thought Nicki was trolling with the “Mrs.Petty” moniker on her twitter . He’s really named petty 😩😩😩
imagine wanting this to be your life
I guarantee he schemed on her ass from the very beginning and her dumb ass fell for it. Now he's her manager and even though he's not there for his other 5 kids I guarantee he'll be here for this one because it's the Golden Goose.
He has other kids??? Is he even allowed to see them?
He has 5 different kids from I think all different women and doesn't do shit for any of them.


2 months ago


2 months ago


then her fans are going to act all shocked when things go south between them


July 31 2020, 17:31:51 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  July 31 2020, 17:40:43 UTC

She is a whole ass bird and I can't believe that Barbs bash Cardi for her personal life when this is Nicki's. She CHOSE this broke ass rapist/murderer at a turkey drive and now he has to ask permission. Hell, he got a whole ass curfew. A grown man with a curfew!!! Choices!!!
"Outside his curfew hours". Nuenicnsicnsuxbuwjxj
?? is he her "manager" only in name so it justifies him going on flights/travelling with her outside of curfew or whatever?

cause if he's really managing her.. wow

She stepped all the way in shit and refuses to step out just to make a point to people that should've even matter. Good grief.

I cannot imagine chosing to marry and have a baby with a convicted rapist and murderer who has a curfew.

Hoping the baby is healthy and that there are no complications when its born.

Deleted comment

The most unattractive thing in the world is a man who doesn’t take care of his kids. I do not understand people who are okay with being with someone who doesn’t take care of their kid.... let alone FIVE of them.

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2 months ago

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