Phineas Gage (frejasface) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Phineas Gage

The "Into the Wild" Bus Will Be Moved to A Museum


The bus made famous by the book "Into the Wild" and the film of the same name will be moved to a museum. The bus is the death site of Christopher McCandless, a nomadic 24-year-old who starved there in 1992.

Since then, many travelers have made a pilgrimage to the bus, even though it is incredibly dangerous to get to and Alaskan authorities discourage it. Three people have died trying to get there. The state frequently has to send rescue missions to save dumbasses hikers who get trapped near it.

Officials will transfer the bus to a museum in Fairbanks, AK.

Assuming this fucking pandemic ever ends, where do you want to see before you die, ONTD?

Tags: books / authors, death, film - drama, you in danger
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Do not understand the fascination with this stupid bus. I also feel bad for the family ??
I want to be able to travel back to the UK, where my spouse is from. When I lived there I was a broke and depressed college student, so I’d like to return as a healthier and more wealthy adult and “make up” for my “wasted” year. Would also just be good to visit my in-laws.

I also want to do hiking out there, since a lot of it is pretty flat, or the incline is a big hill rather than a fuck off mountain. Sacrilege since I’m from PNW, and we already have some of the best hiking in the US, but I hate inclines lol.
Hong Kong. I have a large extended family I've never met. I visited when I was 2 years old. Doesn't really count bc I don't remember anything. My brother & dad have gone back multiple times. I was in a lot of debt so I couldn't afford to go.
I would LOVE to go to HK. My mom is from there and it would be great to take her before she gets too old to walk around a ton. Covid aside, I wonder if/when China will make HK travel less fun and safe?
i was fascinated reading this book in high school. i fell for his lofty ideals, love for the wild, and bravery. yes he was incredibly misinformed but i can't say that i don't get it like some people here.
IA. He made some dumb and reckless decisions, but you know what? There's not many people who actually commit to doing exactly what they want to do and living how they want to. I can admire that, even if I don't necessarily think other people should do exactly what he did, since it didn't really work out well for him. I'm surprised that more people on ONTD aren't impressed by the idea of someone saying "FUCK IT" to society and capitalism and having a job, and disappearing into the woods lmao, especially rn it sounds like the DREAM. And it's not like this guy knew that years later, tourist morons would idolize him and risk their lives to go see where he died.
my thoughts exacccccttttlyyyy
Yeah I understand the fascination. Life is hectic and if I could I'd love in a forest lol
It's funny to me how much ppl hate on McCandless. Like yeah he was pretty reckless in the end I guess, but he had the courage to burn up all his money and follow his path, even though it obviously killed him. I don't think he regretted it for a second. IDK, that courage is pretty admirable to me.
tbh, as someone who lives near the town where this dude was originally from, I can totally see why he preferred to go die in a rusty old bus. It SUCKS. Oh, how I wish I were in the woods away from germy, awful people rn!

Anyways, if this pandemic ever ends, I'm going straight home to visit my best friend across the country, and then I'm fucking off to the English seaside for a bit. I just want to experience RELAXATION.

i want to go to iceland during the summer to experience the summer solstice. as a night owl, the idea of the sun never completely setting just fascinates me (and apparently it's a little trippy and i think i'd be into that. that being said, i had a minor freakout seeing the northern lights in maine, so we'll see). thankfully, iceland is a "cheap" flight from the NE, but of course when i got money to burn, i can't go anywhere lmao.
I was there June 2019 and it was so weird. One of our hotels didn’t have room darkening shades so it was bright af all night long lol. I slept like 2 hrs that night.
I just want to be able to visit my family Mexico. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I would like to spend a year in Antarctica but I'm not smart enought for any of those jobs. 😭🤷
Me too @ Antarctica, it’s one of my dreams to go on an expedition there but I’m DUMB
I dont get why anyone would wanna set foot in a bus a decomposing dude was found in.
My cousin worked on this movie with Emile. She said he always was asking her for her secret stash of energy drinks and snacks lol.
Top 3 places I plan on going to in a few years:

- 2+ weeks in Switzerland, road tripping and exploring the mountains
- 3+ weeks in Utah, road tripping and sleeping out of the back of a truck, exploring the desert and BLM lands
- 1 week in the Faroe Islands, hiking and staring at all the incredible landscapes
So many places. I love the outdoors so Peru, New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Norway, Greece, Egypt, Glacier National Park in the US, Nepal.
I just want to go to Minnesota and see my family. It's killing me not to be there this summer. I'm starting to worry about the holidays, tbh.

I'm trading the cabin in MN for Cape Cod and it's a decent bargain. So many cool places to explore and lots of beaches and ocean to float away my misery.
Honestly there's a lot of places I want to go but want to go to the places I can be safe at as a black woman.
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