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The "Into the Wild" Bus Will Be Moved to A Museum


The bus made famous by the book "Into the Wild" and the film of the same name will be moved to a museum. The bus is the death site of Christopher McCandless, a nomadic 24-year-old who starved there in 1992.

Since then, many travelers have made a pilgrimage to the bus, even though it is incredibly dangerous to get to and Alaskan authorities discourage it. Three people have died trying to get there. The state frequently has to send rescue missions to save dumbasses hikers who get trapped near it.

Officials will transfer the bus to a museum in Fairbanks, AK.

Assuming this fucking pandemic ever ends, where do you want to see before you die, ONTD?

Tags: books / authors, death, film - drama, you in danger
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There are way too many places I want to go. And I have a hard time with flying, so I doubt I'd be able to get to most of the places I want to go. But here's my list anyway

Cape Canaveral
New Orleans
Iceland (specifically for the Northern Lights)
some piece of super duper landlocked wilderness in Mongolia just to experience being as far away from the ocean as possible
and some tropical islands like Hawaii that everyone has on their travel list
At the moment with the pandemic, I just want to travel places I've been before. My dad is from Busan and we used to always go to Haedong Yonggungsa Temple as kids. It's so beautiful, the first time I was ever speechless at a location.

In all honesty, I just want to be able to visit a library.
haedong yonggungsa is SO beautiful. truly breathtaking. busan in general is so much better than seoul, imo.
I grew up in Seoul and can 100% agree Busan is better. Those blue ass waters and the food is amazing. I’ve also never met people as nice as those from Busan.


2 days ago

I love visiting libraries.


July 31 2020, 16:13:11 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  July 31 2020, 16:13:52 UTC

I want to go to southeast Asia. Vietnam and Thailand for sure. Also southern Europe. Portugal, Spain, France, and Italy. Really want to see my family there. Will definitely return to Japan as a tourist, the UK (Scotland) and Finland.
The only countries I've been to outside of the US are Canada (Montreal) and Mexico (Mexico City).

So I've got a whole lot of traveling to do.

I have seen a good chunk of the United States though, so I feel well traveled domestically 😆

I wanna go to Belgium ever since I realized it's known for all my fav foods: waffles, fries, and chocolate 😜
I’ve been to a lot of places so far.

I want to do the East Coast of America. New York and Washington in particular. I also feel a need to do Dallas and Boston. My Kennedy obsession started early and I feel I need to.

I have no intrest in Niagara Falls to be honest. Victoria Falls is amazing and I love it so much. It was an amazing experience.

Grand Canyon definitly. It looks amazing.

Prince Edward Island (Anne if Green Gables fan here)

I would like to see more of the UK. I did three days in London when I went. And that’s it.
I've been incredibly lucky to have travelled as much as I have in my 20s.

The two things I'm desperate for is Machu Picchu and the gorilla trek in Uganda. Which were both supposed to go ahead this year but covid struck. The only other thing is I want to swim with whales in the wild but that's a whole different thing.
I haven't travelled much yet so my top ones in future:

- doing the Camino de Santiago. Pretty attainable, the issue is having enough holidays to use
- doing the NC 500 (Scotland)


I'd also like to revisit places I used to go on holidays when I was little, out of nostalgia (France and Switzerland)

It sucks that I don't drive because I love road trips, I've actually considered getting my license so I wouldn't have to wait around for anyone.
i want to do the camino de santiago as well.
I feel like the should've done this sooner, but at least it'll stop others from endangering themselves I guess.

I've actually always wanted to go to Alaska - not to see the bus but to see the dog race and Glacier Lake. I'd also love to visit New Zealand.


July 31 2020, 16:38:20 UTC 2 days ago Edited:  July 31 2020, 16:38:35 UTC


Also I would love to see Salar De Uyuni.
Oh @ a mod never approving this a month ago
All this talk about traveling is bumming me out. I miss traveling, and all the opportunities I had as a student to go places on my own to work and learn. I love both guided and self-guided walking tours. Hate tour buses. I've traveled throughout East & Southeast Asia & UK. Next on my list would be Latin America, New Zealand & Pacific islands, continental Europe.
I would love to go to Egypt one day, but travel advisories and being a woman travelling by myself always deter that.

When it's safe to travel I really want to go on a trip through Central Europe. Go back to Austria and Germany. Then finally go to Poland and Hungary.
Egypt would be so cool. I follow Halloweens (a sub-group of two guys from The Vaccines), and they're always posting photos of Egypt and about habibifunk, and it's reignited wanting to see Northern Africa for me again, but like you, I also worry about traveling there as a single woman.

I really like seeing the Jewish museum when I was in Prague. It's such a pretty city.
yeah same about egypt. i really vow to go one day but i have a male egyptian friend i told that i wanted to go and he was just like "don't"
Same. I studied Ancient Egypt in college and I'm desperate to go there, but I'm never going to attempt going there alone as a single woman, the really nice river tours that I MIGHT consider going on as a single woman are all way too expensive for me, and there are just so many aspects of traveling there that sound like a HUGE hassle. And the fact that everyone I know who has traveled there has warned me that EVERYONE gets food poisoning at some point during their trip does not like, encourage me to spend thousands and thousands of dollars to go there and get super-sick alone in an unfamiliar country.
I wanna go to Japan and see Tokyo (harajuku, ikebukuro, and all that typical tourist stuff), Hokkaido, Himeji Castle, Osaka, the Studio Ghibli Museum, and a bunch of other stuff. I've always wanted to go since I was a teen weeb, and I've never been.
Wanna go to: Vietnam, Myanmar, South Korea, Cambodia, Thailand for Asia

Ireland, Iceland, Portugal, Greece, Sweden and Finland for Europe

Peru, Brasil, Argentina and Chile for South America

And always back to Japan!
I really wanted to go to Greece this year

So many places I want to see! Brazil, Singapore, Japan, The middle east, Iceland, New Orleans, South Africa
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