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Cameron Diaz is on TikTok now, promotes her wine brand

- Cameron Diaz is on TikTok now (@officialcamerondiaz);

- did the wine challenge which is apparently a thing there (you sit behind each other, one has the foot of the glass in their mouth, the one sitting behind them has to drink from it, I'm officially YOUTHS.gif);

- did the challenge with her own wine brand, which OP didn't knew its existence of.


Are you on TikTok, ONTD? And do you enjoy drinking wine?
Tags: celebrity endorsements, food / food industry, slow news day, where are they now
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I’m not. I do enjoy a good, chill white wine or tinto de verano during summer tho
I hate Tik Tok. Too many talentless people desperate for validation.
TikTok actually has some great BIPOC talent on there as well as social justice commentary.

There really are some gems on TikTok.


July 31 2020, 13:20:53 UTC 2 months ago Edited:  July 31 2020, 13:21:57 UTC

I tried it but didn't upload anything. Not my thing at all. She seems fun though. Other than having a baby, etc. she's living the life. Rich as fuck and retired and not even 50. Goals. I'm not much of a drinker. I'll drink socially, but I'd rather have a shake or some other sweet, fattening, non-alcoholic thing tbh.
I’m a white middle aged Australian, so yes, I love a wine or four. Sadly, my blood pressure does not, and I do miss it quite a bit. :-(
I don't get the appeal of tiktok but I'm pushing 30 so maybe I'm just to ancient to get it
I could never get into wine and would rather have a really cold beer.
I feel like Tik-Tok is the place where people who are too insufferable to become insufferable Youtubers go.
No im old, tik tok weirds me out.
I enjoy being on TikTok while drinking wine

I don't get all the cringe TikTok videos though. The algorithm is very specific. I'm currently getting all sorts of animal content, some IBS jokes, some home reno videos, some anxiety content, and every now and then I get some amazing remixes that people make.
i get mostly ~mum~ jokes and dnd content lol
Like wine.
Dislike TikTok.
Dislike Cameron Diaz for this irresponsible PR stunt.
I have a TikTok with only like 40 followers lol

I love red wine
i love Cameron Diaz. i don't have tiktok. i love wine lol

speaking of celebrities who apparently have a line of wine products, Mary J. Blige and Kylie Minogue have their own brands
I knew about Kylie's rosé, not about Mary J. Blige's winery.
Kate Hudson has a vodka line and it's actually really good.
I'd love to own a wine brand

Guess I'll have to buy a wine producing chateau in the south of France..

Now who's geriatric dick should I suck to be able to do so..
I like the taste of wine but I'm at the point that drinking wine makes me feel like I have sludge in my engine

Or maybe it always had that effect and I just didn't notice it until I started going long stretches without drinking
i dowloaded TikTok for one night when i couldn't sleep, scrolled for like 2-3 hours straight and then deleted it.
i truly can not have an app with an endless feed on my phone. Also i hate apps that dont let you see the clock on your phone so youre not aware of how much time you waste.
i hate apps that dont let you see the clock on your phone so youre not aware of how much time you waste.

I hate this, too. it took me a while to notice it but it 100% made me scroll longer subconsciously.
lol. I did exactly the same thing. When I saw how much time I wasted (and sleep I lost) I knew deleting it was the right thing
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