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John Leguizamo Tweets about Latino Representation; Accidentally Starts a Convo about Anti-Blackness

  • After the Emmy nominations were announced, the Los Angeles Times ran an article about the racial, ethnic and gender diversity of the nominations, or lack thereof.

  • John Leguizamo tweeted a screenshot of the article to voice his frustration at Latinos' continued lack of representation.

  • He received support from some Latinos in the industry, such as OITNB's Dascha Polanco. Others, including Pose's Indya Moore, were more critical.

  • Leguizamo's tweet lead to general backlash from black non-Latinos who are tired of other ethnic groups acting as though black people's hypervisibility is the cause of their lack of representation and from Afro-Latinos who are tired of being excluded from conversations about Latinos.

  • Many people pointed out that Jharrel Jerome won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series for "When They See Us," making history by becoming the first Afro-Latino and Dominican to win an acting Emmy.

[Selenis Leyva (Actress, Orange Is the New Black)]

[Dascha Polanco (Actress, Orange Is the New Black)]

[Indya Moore (Actress, Pose)]

[Immortal Technique (Rapper and Activist)]

[Aida Rodriguez (Comedian)]

[Gabe González (Host, MTV News)]

[Kara Brown (Writer, Jezebel)]

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I agree that Latino representation is lacking, but there's been an ongoing trend of people deciding it's time to ask where's theirs whenever black entertainers receive accolades or a black project is successful instead of pointing the finger where it belongs (e.g., Gina "Where Are the Latino Superheroes" Rodriguez after Black Panther).

Giving John Leguizamo the benefit of the doubt, maybe he wasn't doing that, but it's not a stretch and it's still part of a problem of not acknowledging Afro-Latinos.
Tags: actor / actress, award show - emmys, black celebrities, celebrity reactions, celebrity social media, comedy / comedian, latino celebrities, music / musician (rap and hip-hop), orange is the new black (netflix), race / racism
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