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TikToker rates 10 celebrities she encountered while working as a stylist

In a sequel of sorts to the tiktoker rates celebs she encountered as a hostess post, Tiktoker and costume designer Tammie Merheb-Chavez details some of the celebrities shes worked with as a former assistant stylist in LA.

Alexis Knapp 000000000/10 [hew?]Was in the Pitch Perfect franchise. Ryan Phillippe's baby mama

dirtied up the dress with cake which the stylist had to clean. claimed she "couldn't find" the $1,300 in jewelry she was loaned. when asked for payment for styling she said "I need to pay you?"

Katherine Heigl 0/10

extremely difficult and always mad

Jessica Alba 0/10

not nice, rubs hummus on her dress, talks at you not to you

Jennifer Lopez 0/10

cant hold down a costumer or seamstress. not allowed to look or talk to her

Marisa Tomei 5/10

fitting was at 9:30a. made stylists wait until she woke up at 12:30p

Ariel Winter 7/10

sweet. has a nice family. didnt end up wearing what was picked out

Selena Gomez 10/10

most professional human being. acknowledges you and thanks you for your time

Alfie Allen (and ex-gf Jaime Winstone) 10/10

both were nice and sweet. he asked if he could unload car. offered water and snacks

Carrie Underwood

sweetest person on the planet. said thank you/please/have a nice day while looking into your eyes

Jacob Elordi 10/10

sweetest guy, great personality and super professional

B-B-B-Bonus: She confirms (what we already know) that its well-known in stylist and make up artist circles that Ellen DeGeneres is awful and you cant talk/look at her.

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