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The Killers Investigating Sexual Misconduct Claim Against Touring Crew

The Killers have said they are taking allegations of sexual misconduct on one of their tours “extremely seriously.” It comes after a female sound engineer, Chez Cherrie, said she witnessed a woman being abused backstage during their 2009 US tour.

In an article published 2 years ago and written in 2015, the alleged incident took place the night that the Killers played the Rave/Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee. [TW]Cherrie wrote that, during the show, the front of house (FOH) engineer told the crew that there was “a girl set up in Dressing Room A,” and crew members could put their name on a list to be called “when it’s [their] turn.” She said that her stagehands wanted to “put their name on the list.”

Cherrie continued and said that after the show, “Everyone was swapping stories about this woman and their experiences with her. They talked about her intoxication level, yet had no qualms that she was obviously blacked out, or close to it.” As the crew was getting ready to leave the venue, a security guard allegedly told the FOH engineer, “That girl in Dressing Room A is passed out and naked. Is anyone going to take care of her? Do you have a number of a friend or someone we can call?” The FOH engineer and other crew members allegedly laughed at and dismissed the question. She says, “and part of my heart blackened and fell to the floor.” You can read her full blog post about that night here.

A representative for The Killers said the band would conduct an investigation of past and present tour staff.

[Full Statement By The Band’s Representatives]“This person’s story is appalling and, while The Killers do not have the same touring crew in 2020 that they had earlier in their career, they will be conducting a thorough investigation into past and present tour staff. Their legal team will be reaching out to this person for more information and clarity on the alleged incidents as detailed, as well as to the audio vendor who provided crew for the tour. The band are astonished and shocked by these claims. The behaviour attributed to them and their crew is unrecognisable and in direct opposition to the principles with which they run their workplace.”

[New Statement By Chez Cherry]”The fact that [the Killers are] not 100% coming at me and claiming everything is false is a good sign. And I appreciate that they seem to want to get in touch with me. I have not received a cease and desist yet. I have not been contacted by anybody. They do have my contact information, as I remember it is in their records. So at this point I’m just waiting to hear from them. To find out how they would like to fix this.”

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