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ONTD Original: Some More Emmy Nominations Snubs (now that I've thought about it for another second)

A followup to this post yesterday (that was supposed to specifically about emmy nominations snubs but I fucked up the title lol) cause I've had some time to think and I'm heated about some more snubs!!!

Emmy Rossum in Showtime's Shameless

Emmy Rossum took a career that was basically just starring in Joel Shumacher's terrible Phantom of the Opera adaptation and a very short lived attempt at a pop career and turned that on it's head when she joined as the cast of Shameless as the female lead Fiona Gallagher. As Fiona, Emmy Rossum was incredible, able to hold her own opposite experienced and talented actors like William H Macy and Joan Cusack. So why did Emmy never get an Emmy (nomination)? The answer, I believe, lies in category confusion. While I personally would categorize it as a Drama with comedy elements, both IMDB and Wikipedia list Shameless as a Comedy-Drama. And when the first season ended, and Showtime had to pick which cast members to put their weight behind for Emmy nominations, the obvious choices were the well-known and beloved William H. Macy and Joan Cusack (despite Emmy Rossum already giving a phenomenal performance from the jump). And while all three actors get a chance to play to both comedy and drama throughout the show, as a whole Cusack and Macy represent the comedy side of the show while Rossum represented the Drama. So the obvious choice then, for Showtime to ensure success for their fledgling show, is to submit Macy and Cusack under Comedy (which they were both nominated for multiple times, with each of them taking home a win). So how do you then submit Emmy Rossum? Emmy's best performances are drama based and it doesn't make sense to submit her under comedy. However, in order to continue to submit Macy and Cusack (who were much safer bets), Showtime was forced to stick to nominating under Comedy and Rossum was never going to get a nomination for Best Comedy Actress. Unjust and another reason to hate the character of Frank Gallagher tbh.

Eva Green and Billie Piper from Showtime's Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful is a great show that was ultimately weighed down with poor network decisions. It featured amazing performances from Timonthy Dalton, Josh Hartnett (the best performance he has ever given tbh), and guest star Patti Lupone. But the two brightest spots were Eva Green and Billie Piper. Billie Piper basically plays multiple characters on this show and she is great. She should have been nominated for her work in Season 2. There were three actresses from Game of Thrones in the supporting category that year and she without a doubt deserved either Emilia Clarke or Maisie William's spots that year. Eva Green as Vanessa Ives is tremendous. Not only does she give a wonderful traditional dramatic performance, she also is phenomenal at completely getting into the character, allowing herself to look deranged and horrible as her character experiences demonic possession and speaking in tongues. I'm not sure whether Showtime never put their weight behind this show (it's Emmy nominations are for production design, music, special effects, hair, and makeup) or if it's because the Lead Actress in a Drama category nominations were stacked for all the years this was on the air. But damn, swap out Claire Danes or Tatiana Maslany for Eva one of the years!!!

Natasia Demetriou as Nadja in What We Do in the Shadows

Who knew that taking a beloved movie and turning it into a show would work? Well it did, and honestly, What We Do in the Shadows (the show) is better than What We Do in the Shadows (the movie). While the entire main cast does an excellent job, the standout to me is Natasia Demetriou as Nadja. Unfortunately, this is the first year that the Emmy's has noticed What We Do in the Shadows (beyond sound editing and cinematography) and the race for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series is tight. If I was a less ethical person, I would advocate for category fraud and say to put her in the supporting category and give her either Cecily Strong or Kate McKinnon's nominations (I'm over the age of 15 and under the age of 50 and thus don't watch SNL). So this is my appeal: are you an Emmy voter who happens to browse ONTD (because it keeps setting off your google alerts)? Then do the right thing -- Ensure Natasia Demetriou gets a nomination next year. By that time, she will no longer have to compete against legend Catherine O'Hara and also maybe one of the two leads on Dead to Me will be terrible next season? idk. You figure it out and make it happen. Thanks.

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