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Madonna’s COVID-19 Instagram Post Flagged For Sharing False Information

Update: Madonna just deleted her post.

On Tuesday night, Instagram flagged Madonna’s Instagram post after the “Miles Away” singer helped spread misinformation. The post appears blurred with a warning over the video that says “False Information.”

The text continues, “Reviewed by independent fact-checkers.” When users click on the button that reads “See Why,” they are shown a list of false information in the post.

Madge shared the video about unproven coronavirus conspiracy theories. The video, about a fake cure, echoed the same misinformation as a clip that was taken down from Twitter after 45 shared it. On Madonna’s post, fact-checkers note that there is not yet a cure for COVID-19 and that hydroxychloroquine is not a cure.

Madonna previously made controversial claims about COVID-19 being “the great equalizer” and how she tested positive for antibodies and was going to go for a long drive to “breathe in the COVID-19 air.”

Actors KJ Apa and Kirstie Alley have both recently shared this video on social media as well. Apa has since taken it down.

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