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ONTD Original: Celebs who are (still) following J* R*wling on Twitter

The other day, I unfortunately came upon a tweet from the aforementioned TERF on my feed that someone I was following had liked. Not only was I confused, but I immediately clicked on JR's twitter profile to see an astounding 30 people I follow STILL following her (among them being a few noteable celebs). And yes, a twitter unfollowing binge proceeded shortly thereafter. After her not one, not two, but MULTIPLE remarks refusing to recognize trans individuals, I for one am shocked. And this is coming from a former Harry Potter stan. I mean, I personally hit that unfollow button reaaaaal quick...and I sort of thought everyone else did too? Well, no not everyone. In fact, did anyone? Let's investigate....

So without further ado, please see a list of celebs still following her...because why exactly?? I don't know, but here we gooooo

1. Richard Ayoade

Alright, well this one was straight up disappointing. Sorry to break it to ya'll so hard with number one, but I told you it was gonna be a ride.

2. Sam Richardson

As a Detroiter (both city habitant, and fan of the wrongfully cancelled show), this one really got to me. Disappointed in you Sam, I really am.

3. Nick Kroll

Another one that had me kinda shocked tbh. You can literally write about a singing vagina, but when it comes to trans rights', that's too far? Cool.

4. Andy Cohen

Yeah, this one really didn't surprise me all that much.

5. Emma Watson

I know she issued a statement regarding the comments that JR made, but for whatever reason still seems to be following her. And her Twitter account is still very much active (unless this is part of her lifetime Potter contract, who knows).
OP note: I wasn't trying to single her out, but Dan + Rupert don't have public Twitter accounts, so I couldn't investigate further.

6. Reese Witherspoon

Oh Reese, what are you doing. But as the poster child for cis white woman, I'm not surprised.

7. Margaret Atwood

I mean, considering the two of them buddied up to rpen an open letter together addressing how unfair "cancel" culture is, this shouldn't really shock anyone.

8. Pink

Also disappointing and thought we were better than this.

9. John Legend

You and Chrissy ain't shit.

10. Thom Yorke

This one hurt, but at the end of the day still a man so why am I honestly even surprised anymore.

Honorable Mentions
- Amy Schumar
- HINDS (band)
- Dan Stevens
- Jessica Chastain
- Luke Evans
- Ellie Goulding
- Rowan Blanchard

Did I miss any? Sound off in the comments of course.

source: me , google and my twitter account
Tags: british celebrities, j.k. rowling, list

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