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Like an unmade bed.

A timeline of Vanessa Morgan and Michael Kopech's whirlwind relationship

To recap the past few years/months:

Michael Kopech starts dating Brielle Biermann, daughter of Kim Zolciak, and tries to convince dad Kroy that Brielle is ~The One~

March 2018
Brielle and Michael break up, with him pulling the plug. Brielle is shocked because she was ready to move to Chicago for him.

July 2018
Vanessa Morgan and Michael start dating

September 2018
Baseball player Michael undergoes Tommy John surgery (AKA ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction surgery); is out for the season.

July 2019
Michael and Vanessa get engaged; he gushes how she was there for him all season.

October 2019
Michael deactivates his social media, saying: "I’m not saying I have life figured out. I am merely another finger pointing to the moon, in awe of its divinity as is all. But in stillness I found awareness to understand myself on the deepest level, and with that awareness I create my own destiny for what my life will entail. Social media has run its course for me, this is not me running from any fears I have. Quite the contrary, this is about me laying down my weapons and embracing all of my fears.”

January 2020
Vanessa and Michael get married. On a podcast, she calls him her Twin Flame. (Where have we heard this one before?)
They also discuss his mental health and everything he's been through with his surgery.

April 2020
Vanessa wishes him a happy 24th birthday. This is the final time she posts about him.

July 2020
Michael opts out of the MLB season, which is currently a shit-show of COVID outbreaks. Chicago pitching coach Don Cooper says he's concerned that something is wrong with Michael.

Vanessa announces her pregnancy.

Three days after that, it was announced that Michael filed for divorce in June. Yes, he is the father of her child.

Tags: actor / actress, divorce, riverdale (cw), sports / athletes - baseball
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